The History of the Parking Meter

The Unauthorized History of Inventions: Parking Meters

In lieu of City Council crap for a Wednesday, I thought you’d get a kick out of this comical mockumentary “The History of Parking Meters,” produced by Abrahami-Netz TV Productions out of the Netherlands. Fitting, considering our parking woes in Hoboken!

Funny as this may be, stop for a second and think about all the “hidden taxes” and fees around us. From local city governments, cell phone companies, sales taxes and more. It’s not much of a laughing matter when you realize how prevalent they are!


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Parking Meters aren’t as much of a hidden tax, as much as to incentivize people to not keep their car in one spot for hours on end. If there were no meters, cars would park on Washington Street and not move all day, clogging up spots for other shoppers.

Since I rarely park at a meter in Hoboken, I’m not sure how the new Hoboken muni-meters work, but they should change their pricing based on time of day, supply/demand. Parking at 2pm on a Wednesday should be less expensive than 7pm on a Friday.

I’m still surprised it doesn’t make economical sense to build a garage somewhere in the Northwest corner. If it did, some developer would have done it by now.