Bad Bike

This week, I saw this bike locked to a fence near 7th and Washington. It’s an ugly bike and deserves that ugly sign to have it removed. How DARE they?

The sign was gone yesterday, but the bike remained. Bike 1, Sign 0.


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oh and homeworld– on the subject of bolt cutters- I had a bike lock break on me (key wouldn’t open it) and had to hire a locksmith to remove it one day. We were there an hour sawing the thing off, in the middle of the day, and the locksmith had no uniform or van nearby. Cop after cop drove by without ever inquiring as to what we were doing. I enjoyed that.


Stolen? Maybe some, but on the other hand there are bikes there that haven’t moved in years– decomposing on the racks, rusting and falling apart, never removed. It’s a shame- such a basic civil service such as bike racks, completely ignored by our “transit village” city gov’t.


[quote comment=”17072″]Speaking of bikes… I haven’t paid attention lately but does anyone know if the 9/11 bikes are still at the PATH?[/quote]

I would be very surprised if they lasted that long without getting stolen. . . My friend got his bike stolen from the PATH station bike racks. You think the cops would notice someone with bolt cutters stealing bikes. Guess not.


It would teach him a lesson.
Don’t Touch My Stuff!


[quote comment=”17102″]If I were the bike owner, I would place razor blades under the seat, and when the so called home owner trys to lift it up, he will be sorry he touched my property![/quote]

Well, now THAT is a thoughtful thing to do…
And it would do wonders for public safety, god forbid some kid came along and touched the bike and had to go to St. marys… er…. Hoboken UNIVERSITY medical center to get his fingers sewn back on by some graduate of a 3rd world country medical school program… He’d wind up with 2 thumbs on one hand…