Slice O’ Funny Comedy Show

New comedy show at H&S Giovanni’s Pizza in Hoboken

An interesting new type of venue for comedy in Hoboken!

This Saturday night, April 9th @ 6pm over at H&S Giovanni’s (6th & Washington) – for only $2 on top of a menu item you can enjoy their delicious pizza and the “Slice O’ Funny Comedy Show.”

Features headline comic Chris Doucette as well as Brian Jian, Katie Hannigan, Cooper Rego, Adam Colicchio, Sean Kleier and Miguel Dalmau.

Here’s a clip from Chris Doucette:

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History repeating. We’re going back to the 80s when there were comedy clubs EVERYWHERE. End result: someone like Joe Piscopo could have a career. Ugh.

Happy Wendi
Happy Wendi

Sheesh, when comedians start performing at pizza places, we got some serious problems!