The State of the City – Great Strides?

I’m sure most of you received this recent mailing titled “Hoboken: The State of the City”, a glossy six-page ledger-sized newsletter from the Mayor, where he provides “up-dates” regarding the “many exciting developments that will improve quality of life for all residents.”

Below are some observations regarding this communique. Not meant to bash anything, just want to open it up for discussion to hear all opinions, and info that may have been left out.



I’m all for new parks, including the nice “concept park” called Pier C, that has been perpetually in the planning stages. A similar mailing was sent out in 2004 or early 2005 (I forget) that showed the Hoboken Park Initiatives (see THIS ARTICLE from 10/2006). Back then over two years ago, the phrase was “construction to start in Spring 2005.” Ok, I understand things get held up for one reason or another, but this has been more of a mirage than anything tangible. I guess if you frustrate people long enough, they’ll be ecstatic when (if) something (anything) ever gets built.

Same with the 1600 Park location. About the only action here lately is dead bodies popping up. Call me confused, but I’m having issues “connecting the dots” with all the hold up. Perhaps some of you are more in tune with the relationships between City Government, developers, and all the moo-lah. I sometimes give up trying to “crack the code”. Sorry.

Automated Garage Debacle to begin again

What was supposed to take only a few weeks to retrofit, has taken more than three months. I just want to know how they will “significantly decrease monthly maintenance fees.” From the documents I read, it sure seemed like it would cost more on an annual basis for comparable service and maintenance levels. Perhaps we can get some real figures from the Mayor and the HPU. Which maintenance and support plan did the City choose? Real numbers, please.

Crime and Safety

Well, I’ll have to agree that overall, Hoboken is a rather safe city. It’s far from a gated community, and we still have plenty of hot-spots that need attention. If we can get a more convenient parking solution that eradicates the need for so much double parking, we’d have an even safer city. Anyone agree?

Business Improvement

Not sure about this. It may be too late to create a Business Improvement District. With our area leading the country in banks to people ratio and skyrocketing rents, they’d have to part the sea in order to facilitate unique local shops to be able to survive here.

Library missing piece

Important building finally becomes ADA compliant. The seven year upgrade is now complete.

Traffic Calming

Speed-bumps and yield signs have helped somewhat, but it certainly hasn’t even come close to solving the problems. We need creative parking solutions, but that may not help until we find out where to put the hundreds of illegally parked vehicles. This will get even harder when we cram more high-rise developments in. Chicken, egg, egg, chicken.

Increased investment revenue

Sure, I believe that when you make the town attractive to new developments (including the W Hotel and J. Wiley), good things can happen. However, don’t you think the scales are a little unbalanced? We’re doing too much too soon, and other areas of town are being overlooked and will suffer as a result.

Education System

Huge budget. Isn’t the cost per student ratio one of the highest in the State? We have a chance to improve this come the elections on April 17th.

Fire Dept. Upgrades

One thing about our city is that we do indeed have a stupendous fire department. Kudos to them. They deserve and need the upgrades.


Upgrading the hospital is a nice thing. But can we afford it, especially now that it’s getting harder to foot the bill for uninsured patients? How long will this new “University” Medical Center last? When will the $52 Million dollar debt be felt in taxpayers pockets? It’d be nice if some assurance can come from City Hall.

Historic Preservation

Nice to preserve these beautiful landmarks. I guess my question would be, why only until Roberts became Mayor, was there no need for a full-time position? How many people work for this office? What do they do all day? Can I have that job? Maybe we need a full-time “New Condo Development Manager” instead.

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[quote comment=”17083″]I believe one of Hoboken’s biggest problems is the lack of involvement among “yuppies” — politically. I would most likely be described as a yuppie. My friends would be as well. My husband and I are the only ones that vote in Hoboken; go to the dentist in Hoboken; get our haircut Hoboken. Most of my peers do not see the importance of voting. Why would David Roberts care about us and our views when he knows it will not have any consequences for him politically. When I moved into my new condo building, I sent a email to residents attaching the Voter Registration page from the State. I rec’d responses from residents stating basically “I only care about the condo board issues.” Until we all start caring, it’s going to be difficult to change the status quo.
I just cannot believe that no one cares that their taxes are going to an educational system that is an Abbott District and spends more than Westfield per student — yet, I believe that the majority of seniors at Hoboken High don’t even take the SAT.[/quote]

That’s because most are not in Hoboken for the long haul. A lot of people view Hoboken as a place to stay for a few years, flip a condo and either move to the burbs or NYC. The only time I’ve ever seen crowds at the polls were for elections above the local level – such as presidential.


The mailer… is just creepy. I had to wash my hands after I threw it out.

Honestly, this mailer is just business as usual. The time to get things done in Hoboken is in the 3-9 months leading up to an mayoral election. Most of the time things sit dormant until #1 money is to be made or #2 votes are on the line. If City Hall only has so many bullets in the chamber….they don’t want to shoot them all off before it is prime time.

Prime time is 2009’s mayoral election. This time is trying to maintain the status quo on the City Council. Roberts know he is getting his person kicked off in Ward 2. Ward 1 is done. Ward 3 will not be his. He is going to concentrate in Wards 4,5,6. There is really nothing good that can happen for him except maintaining control. The flyer is consistent with that strategy.


If the Mayor thinks things are so great, why doesn’t he get some dog sh** on his shoes and get panhandled by a creepy beggar who follows him home? How about in exchange for selling out this town to the Toll Brothers and other greedy developers, we put Big Dave on “Pooper Scooper Detail”. I love parks, but let’s clean up this town and fix the “broken windows”…


[quote comment=”17061″]
“Hoboken is poised to evolve to meet the desires of residents in the 21st Century” — what the hell does that mean? [/quote]

Meet the Jetsons. . .


“Hoboken is poised to evolve to meet the desires of residents in the 21st Century”

David Roberts, State of the City

“At the moment it’s just a Notion, but with a bit of backing I think I could turn it into Concept, and then an Idea.”

Woody Allen, Annie Hall