Brick Assault

As being heard currently on the Live Police and Fire Radio channel.

Man assaults another man with a brick downtown (near Willow, maybe between 1st and 2nd). Perp drops brick in sewer grate on 2nd and Park, flees eastbound. Both victim and perp are still at large.

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Ronnie Miller. He owns the Wilton House. Allegedly he was treated quite the opposite at head quarters as someone whom had just smashed another in the back of the head with a brick.
Ummmmmmm… I wonder why.
Lets just say, hypothetically speaking, of course, that someone was to own a certain towing company in town and have some close friends on the HPD. Said person might enjoy a certain amount of favoritism. No?


[quote comment=”17008″]This thread reminds me of a Ben Folds Five song.[/quote]

“One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces”?



Red Haven
Red Haven

This thread reminds me of a Ben Folds Five song.


Totally bizzare…


2:07 pm
Police are knocking on all doors inside a downtown (address withheld) Willow Ave building for the victim. No one coming out yet, but police are determined to find and help since injuries may be severe.

2:17 pm
Think they’re pursuing someone at 17th & Willow, near the dialysis center.
Reports that guy is probably from The Heights, J.C.

2:26 pm
HPD has recovered bricked previously thrown into gutter, no obviously apparent blood observed on brick aquired. Brick and 2 witnesses heading to headquarters.

2:35 pm
Still cannot locate victim in Willow Ave building.
Witness near Mulligans reports of an argument earlier.

2:36 pm
Victim found, says he’s not complaining of any injuries, but will go get checked out.