Legislative re-districting in NJ

NJ Legislative Districts re-defined after 2010 Census

Yesterday, the state voted on a new legislative district map – which the NY Times said was detrimental to NJ Republicans: “New Jersey Democrats won a crucial victory for the next decade on Sunday as the state redistricting commission approved their legislative district map, dealing a blow to Republican hopes of retaking control of the Legislature.”

After each Census, “the boundaries of the 40 districts in New Jersey are redrawn to maintain an equal population in each district. This reapportionment of districts is performed by a bipartisan Apportionment Commission, whose members are appointed by the state chairs of the two major political parties.”

The Times had this to say about our district: “In Hudson County, the 33rd District was shifted to take in more of Jersey City, seen as making the district somewhat less safe for Senator Brian P. Stack, a Democrat who has irked local Democratic leaders, in part by his closeness with Mr. Christie.” How this ultimately affects distribution of funds to Hoboken remains to be seen.

NJ State Legislative Districts redistricted 2011 2020 Democrat Republican Minority - Legislative re-districting in NJ

Hoboken Republicans concerned, meet tonight

The “Republicans of Hoboken” (the use of quotes was deliberate) are supposedly concerned about the re-districting, and are hosting a meeting over at The Clinton Social (7th & Clinton) tonight at 7pm. Inexplicably, this Republican (joke of a) meeting will also include Democrats.

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