Water Cooler – 3/14/2007

hoboken-water-cooler-chatter.jpgMore randomly selected comments from the past 7 days.

What was being discussed in the last week?

  • St Patrick’s Day Parade
    emarche says: “What’s hilarious is the notion that they’re levying these huge fines for minor offenses…and in the meantime they’re trying to get one of their own off the hook for a more serious offense.”
  • City Council 3/7/2007 – Preview
    Red Haven says: “Astroturf on top of multi-level parking garages. I am not making this up.”
  • The Cage
    nihil72 says: “Wow, disappointing, though a very “Hoboken” sort of thing to do.”
  • Metrostop – 800 Jackson
    rapperd says: “Convenient? Maybe if you didn’t have to listen to those damn bells blaring all day and night.”
    beamrider9 says: “To me, this is snobbish, hopelessly unrealistic idealism, which completely ignores the market forces and realities that actually shape development in this town.”
  • Reader Mail: Dog Droppings
    kooky kay says: “When the dog takes a decent pickupable poop like that it’s a dream come true!”
  • Downtown Redevelopment Battles Continue
    HobokenRes says: “They claim residents shouldn’t want a hotel because of the increased traffic and congestion it will cause but how will adding an equal number of condos be any better?”
  • Augustino’s
    sharon says: “Thank you to all my loyal customers and friends,I LOVE YOU!”
  • Reader Mail: Taxi Stand Etiquette
    MidnightRacer says: “Damn the taxis, let’s just install a moving sidewalk, like at the airports, along Washington Ave.”
  • 7 Star Pizza
    SarahC says: “I think that’s the “s” missing from the memo that Mayor “Robert” sent to 411 regarding being unbanned…”

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