Real life April Fool’s jokes in Hoboken!


You can’t make most of Hoboken’s debacles up!

In lieu of a run-of-the-mill April Fool’s joke this year – I bumped the most recent tax-payer funded debacle to stand on it’s own – as “Hoboken’s Real Life Joke.”

For fun – see previous Hoboken411 April Fool’s posts from:

  • 2007 (joke about 411)
  • 2008 (parking joke)
  • 2009 (Fred Bado parody – my favorite!)
  • 2010 (another real life joke about Zimmer campaign promises)

Have fun gagging your friends today – me – I’m too worn out reporting all of Hoboken’s real life jokes for the past year!

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The other website has Michael Russo withdrawing from the Council race as an
April Fool’s joke – the joke is on them when Michael wins in a landslide!


Russo withdrawing from council race [another website] & Snookie from Jersey Shore being paid $32K from Rutger’s Univ. student activity fund to state “Study hard and party harder” is very in-tune with April Fool’s Day. Being retro…till then :!:……………