Reporter Roundup – 3/12/2007

suggestion-box-shredder.jpgContinuing the ongoing series, here are some highlights from the 3/11/2007 edition of our local paper, The Hoboken Reporter.

Here’s my summary for this week’s edition:

  • DWI Councilman’s lawyer ridiculously claims “he was not impaired.” Regardless if you can drive or not, the last time I checked, being .08 or higher is illegal. Maybe if they renamed the law to “DWBACPIOPZE” (driving while blood alcohol content percentage is over point zero eight), then there would be no defense necessary.
  • At-large Councilman Ramos announces his candidacy for State Assembly under the Stack ticket. Anyone know what happens to his at-large seat if he wins? Can he hold both jobs?
  • Over in the political soapbox Letters to the Editor section, Campos busted out the multi-syllable word thesaurus and wrote “never again” should a development happen without substantial community benefits. Why now all of a sudden? What about all the previous projects? Additionally, he states that the SW redevelopment is an “unprecedented opportunity to create something gorgeous”. What about this is unprecedented? Hoboken has had TONS of opportunities to build sensibly, but has perpetually dropped the ball. What will be unprecedented is if this whole project actually turns out the way it should.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade violation summary. It seems a total of 1815 summonses were issued during parade day. 1156 were parking violations, 105 were moving violations, and 554 were violations of other city ordinances (such as drunk, disorderly, etc). I did some rough estimates and came up with a number of around $175,000 in revenue for the city. Anyone else have a similar number?
  • Women issues. Police Captain Fitzsimmons was involved in some triangular lovers quarrel over at the CVS. I wonder what aisle this took place in? He seemed to just try and break it up. Mo-women, mo-problems.
  • A giant full page ad for the website. I still don’t understand how they can cite traffic issues, since the bid submitted by Tarragon/URSA would still impact the area similarly.
  • A get in shape contest sponsored by the Current. Club KO and others will help two “lucky” winners get in shape in 10 weeks. I’m just curious as to how luck is involved, since no contest rules stipulated how winners are chosen.
  • The Hoboken Public Library has a new elevator installed, Mayor Roberts to attend ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, March 13th.

That’s it… Anything else worth noting?

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Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

I was in the police station filling out a police report when 2 detectives brought in a witness to the 2 women fighing in CVS. Sounds like the police took their time to get there, prob. while their Captain got his act/story together. Apparently it was a 15-20 min wrestling match.

By the way…those kids still hang outside of my apt. on 5th and Washington and they are still loud as hell – what gives? Does boystown keep their doors closed until the 10pm curfew?


Re: this week’s Reporter report on the St. Patty’s Day drunkfest. I think Dave Roberts is turning into George Bush! He thinks that if he keeps saying the same thing over and over again — “the parade was a great success” — it will make it true. Never mind the hundreds of accounts of drunk, disgusting behavior all over town and the hundreds of tickets issued. How, Mr. Mayor, do you measure success? Is it more Margarita revenue for you and more ticket revenue for the city? I guess so.