Survey: Help Improve Parking in Hoboken


Stevens Students take part of Hoboken Parking Project

crappy parking jobStudents from the Senior Design Project at Stevens Institute of Technology reached out to Hoboken411 and YOU – the readers, to help them get a perspective on why parking is so god awful in Hoboken!

Stevens is working with the Hoboken Parking Utility, and part of that project involves collecting information from surveys that residents take – and the more people that take the survey – the better the data samples will be.

So if you’re interested in helping out – please click to take the initial survey (10 very easy questions). No personal data is collected – and this will be the first of several more surveys that will be issued before the end of this semester at Stevens.

While we’re at it, why do you think our parking is so terrible in this city?

My answer is simple: Poor urban planning for decades– allowing the city to grow without the appropriate amount of accessible & affordable parking throughout the city.

Hoboken NJ Parking Survery Stevens Institute Senior Design Project 2011 Hoboken411

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Thursday, March 31, 2011 9:32 pm

My last comment was not intended as a response to Alpuj – or anyone in particular. It’s what I get for clicking “refresh” to reload the page. Sorry.

Thursday, March 31, 2011 5:36 pm

Something that is rarely mentioned in these discussions is the exorbitant prices that some buildings with parking garages charge for the privilege to use these by their own residents. In the case of my building I estimate that 30% of the parking spaces in the parking garage are not used by anyone due to shortsighted building owners who are not really interested in selling every space they have available. Being private property, the parking authority has no say in how these are managed but I’ve always thought there should be some way to encourage this space to be maxed out, since every car in the buildings garage is one off the street and better parking for the majority of buildings that do not have parking available. Anybody else seen empty parking spaces in buildings with garages?

Thursday, March 31, 2011 4:11 pm

The parking problem is explained by game theory – it is the problem of the commons. Limited resource, nearly unlimited demand, and the resource is free. Therefore, everybody wants to use as much of it as they please. Because everybody wants it, and there’s not enough of it, we are beyond maxed out. The only thing that will ever free up parking in this town is to make street parking crazy-expensive and make ramp/lot parking more affordable. Gotta change the supply/demand curve, and the only way to do that is through pricing.

Thursday, March 31, 2011 9:49 am

This survey doesnt mention ANYTHING about business permits or people who come into town with their cars for work everyday.

I think every kind of ‘parker’ should be considered if they want to do an overhaul of the system.

Thursday, March 31, 2011 8:43 am

The survey asks you to “Do you use public transportation? (check all that apply)” but only allows you to check one.

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