R2D2 Mailboxes


Speaking of “mailboxes”, R2D2, who spent most of 2007 with us in Hoboken has recently disappeared!

Here’s what Hoboken411 reader “aohring” said about it and what might have happened:

“It was with great shock and suprise that I noticed the beloved R2D2 mailbox (reported on in Hoboken 411 a few months ago) in front of Qdoba has been replaced by a standard run-of-the-mill USPS mail box!

After extensive research, this disappearance is most likely due to one of the following scenarios:

  1. R2D2 has become bored with Hoboken and returned to Alpha Centauri or where-ever the hell he’s from.
  2. The dark side is alive and well and living in Hoboken.
  3. The US Postal Service has come to its senses and decided to stop wasting money on silly promotions.
  4. The Hoboken sanitation dept., being thoroughly confused by such an unusual item, mis-took it for recycling.
  5. Could have been stolen by a rabid Star Wars fan willing to risk a long sentence in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary for a chance to own the ultimate Star Wars collectible?


3/23/2007 Update:

The Force is with us. One was spotted on 4th and Washington in front of Qdoba.

Anyone else see any others? What’s the money line for this getting defaced?


Of course there was a delivery truck all in the way!

The USPS will be rolling out these R2D2 mailboxes to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. I wonder if Hoboken is slated to get any of these? It’d sure be cool.

I like what the folks over at Geekologie had to say: “I don’t know what they’re gonna do with them, since the second they’re actually put on the street they’d just get stolen. And probably by some nerd too. Stupid nerds!”


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There was a regular mailbox there before R2D2, and there is a regular one there now.


Yeah, the R2D2 has been gone about a month after they premiered the Star Wars stamps back in (I think it was) March. Is there still a mailbox there though? because that seemed like a convenient spot.


I vote for #2. Anyone who doesn’t believe the dark side is alive and well and living in Hoboken has not been paying attention.


It’s been gone for over 6 months.


i hear r2d2 was to be replaced by johney 5 😈