Hoboken accessibility: Part of our problems

Easy access to Hoboken brings more undesirables

You see – the “beauty” of having mass-transit at our footsteps, right outside the best city in the world – brings both fantastic and horrible things to Hoboken.

While (most) businesses and residents would benefit from the increased traffic that makes Hoboken a “destination” (tourism, real estate values, etc.) – along with that also comes a proportionally higher number of drunken nincompoops as well.

Here’s a video of some drunk morons fighting on the NJ Transit Train after leaving Hoboken. Thankfully, this fight occurred outside of the Mile Square. However, this is one reason WHY a large number of “out of towners” can disrupt the quality of life for many residents during the annual Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade.

Would you ask NJ Transit to NOT allow more trains that day? Or would that be equally detrimental for vehicular safety?

Tough guys.

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isn’t this just the tradeoff that comes with living in a city? what we like about hoboken comes from hoboken being very accessible. if you want to try to better control what people do here on st. patrick’s day, sure that’s an option. if you think we should try to keep people out of hoboken, then 50k people in one square mile is probably not the community that best suits you.