“Private Eyes” at J CITY Theater


J CITY Theater presents: “Private Eyes”

Limited run engagement starts this weekend…

Private Eyes J City Theater April 2011 - "Private Eyes" at J CITY Theater

Starting this Friday April 1, 2011 – J CITY Theater will present Private Eyes by Steven Dietz at The Underground Theater in downtown Jersey City. Performances begin at 8pm, and audiences are encouraged to reserve tickets due to limited seating and a limited run. The show is scheduled to close on April 16th.

Private Eyes is a “relationship thriller” – a comedy of suspicion in which nothing is quite what it seems. Matthew’s wife is having an affair with Adrian, a British theater director. Or perhaps the affair is part of the play being rehearsed. Or perhaps Matthew has imagined all of it simply to have something to report to Frank, his therapist. The audience bares witness to the characters’ delicious deceptions and are ultimately the detectives – the real private eyes, who search for clues to Dietz’s laugh out loud comedy of surprise and misdirection.

With dialogue that snaps and crackles with biting humor, Dietz explores characters who continually try to tell J City Theater Private Eyes Jersey City NJ - "Private Eyes" at J CITY Theaterthe truth – but in the end learn the value of “the comforting white lie”. Secrecy and deception hide the twin fevers of passion and suspicion. To borrow a phrase, Private Eyes is a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”.

“The cleverest and most artful piece presented at the 21st Humana Festival” – Village Voice

“I’m continually drawn to scripts that present complex and flawed characters in complicated situations,” says J CITY Artistic Director Sandy Cockrell. “Private Eyes is a play whose questions have no easy answers, but the asking of those questions is hilarious. I love it when our audiences laugh – but you know they walk away thinking of things in a new light.”

J CITY Theater continues their collaboration with Gallery 9 – transforming their lobby into an exhibition space for local artists. Curated by Hernando Rico Sanchez, the works of Aileen Bassis and Margaret Weber will be seen both in the lobby and on the set. “I am very excited about the growth of the gallery,” says Mr. Sanchez, “and inspired by the challenges of curating a show that reflects and is inspired by the work on stage. I believe the result is a very vibrant arts space.”

This production marks the final show in J CITY’s fifth season. “This has been our most successful season to date,” says Associate Artistic Director Kellis Carroll. “This year we have received tremendous press, positive reviews and a huge growth in audience attendance. Our focus on high quality productions is paying off and our reputation is growing in the region. We always say that all it takes is for someone to see just one of our shows – and they’ll never miss another one. We are extremely proud of our record and see Private Eyes as continuing a tradition of quality theater.”

Dinner & Show specials too!

Hoboken411 enjoyed a show at J CITY Theater last year – and did dinner at the Hamilton Inn afterward as well.

J CITY Theater has teamed up with both the Hamilton Inn (10% off your entire bill) and The Embankment ($30 price fixe) – both right around the corner. So why not make a date out of it?

Who is J CITY Theater?

J CITY Theater is a not-for-profit professional theater company based in Jersey City, New Jersey. Recent productions include STATE OF THE UNION by Crouse and Lindsay, last summer’s hit comedy GUN-SHY by Richard Dresser, and Peter Nichols’ PASSION. They are also known for their annual holiday show: A TUNA CHRISTMAS and their engaging one act plays (Compression of a Casualty and The Spot) during Hudson County Theater Alliance’s annual One Acts Festival. J CITY Theater’s mission is to create quality, high energy theater that is told with sophisticated simplicity.

J City Theater Map Jersey City NJ relative to Hoboken - "Private Eyes" at J CITY Theater

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