Reader Mail: Dog Droppings

Ok, this was covered for weeks ago in the local paper “Letters to the Editor” section, but has since died off. Time to resurrect this poop from the dead, Hoboken411 style.

Here, “debra” says:

Enjoy your site.

I’ve been a resident here for the past 53 years, yes a B&R. We seem to be having a problem arising in Hoboken which needs to be addressed. I live on 9th Street and have noticed the sidewalks are becoming a dog waste heaven, not only in this area, but have noticed it lately throughout Hoboken. I completely understand it is not all dog owners, so I am not blaming all; however, this is an issue that needs to corrected.

The warm weather is close at hand and leaving the dog waste unattended will most definitely produce a foul odor throughout the neighborhood. Many people bring their dogs into a grassy area, let them do their duty and walk away. Do they understand a child or maybe even their own dog will walk in this mess while playing on the grass?

Please print something on your site asking dog owners to be more considerate of their fellow citizens and clean up after their dogs, whether they use the sidewalk, grassy area, parks or streets.

Thanking you in advance.

I have some suggestions:

Guerrilla tactics

To put an end to this, we need all your help to accomplish it. It shouldn’t take long, and it’ll send the message pretty quickly. Here’s what you do:

  1. Always be armed with a halfway decent camera. When you witness an offender, shoot video or run up and take pictures of them. Must get their face AND the dog, as well as the offending pile. Video would be preferred in all instances.
  2. Immediately send video or pictures to 411.
  3. I will assign a “POOP-OFFENDER” ID# and respond as fast as possible. Probably spelled out like this: STINKY001, STINKY002, etc.
  4. I’ll post the offenders video or pictures along with their poop-offender ID# on the site.
  5. Someone needs to make little flags like pictured below. If it’s a runny pile, we’ll have to improvise, like with a sheet of paper or little wooden blocks. I’m sure we can have the Hoboken High School wood shop or a local lumber yard make a 100 of those wooden blocks. Free advertising. And instead of George Bush on these flags, there will be a note that says “Who did this? Go to and search: STINKY001 to find out”.

Yes, it seems like WAY too much work, but once a few people get nabbed, and these “you got busted” flags start appearing, the poop will start going away. We’re watching!

dog poop flags stinky - Reader Mail: Dog Droppings

Poop stations

poop bag dispenser - Reader Mail: Dog DroppingsProbably a more logical approach are these Poop bag dispensers. It’s more difficult because it involves City Council resolutions and taxpayer money.

This has been talked about quite a bit lately, and more progressive communities indeed have them. Makes sense for a city with what 5,000 dogs? One on every block and near every park. We’d need maybe around 200 of them city-wide.

I wonder how much these would cost to implement.

Anyone else have any ideas on how to stop the growing trend of poopy piles in Hoboken? It’d be nice to fix this problem before the weather starts baking the dog-brownies into an unbearable stench.

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Sorry for bringing this thread out from the past, but just read a Reuters article and had to share.

“City uses DNA to fight dog poop”
[quote]Under a six-month trial programme launched this week, the city of Petah Tikva, a suburb of Tel Aviv, is asking dog owners to take their animal to a municipal veterinarian, who then swabs its mouth and collects DNA.

The city will use the DNA database it is building to match faeces to a registered dog and identify its owner.[/quote]

Wouldn’t that be perfect for Hoboken…


Creative – We went through this exercise with the city serveral years ago when their used to be public gargage cans off of Washington Street. We couldn’t understand why they were removed and never really got an answer. Belive it or not, at one point, they said they had a problem with the garbage cans being set on fire. Now give me a break. That would be arson and a case for the police, but you can’t throw out the baby with the bath water but that seems to be what they have done. It makes no sense to me that there are not garbage cans on every corner. The trucks have to go down those streets and pick up resident gargabge anyway.


We are in need of more garbage cans! Although I always clean-up after my dog, I am well-aware of the absence of a garbage can in this town! Thank you from me and “Fido”.


This message is for Mel curbing a puppy or dog is not easy. some dogs just like to crap on the street not on the curb . Sometimes they just go where they want to is hard but i don’t beleive that I should see the dog poop either. the messes around town are out of control.


If you want to critique the statement itself in terms of sophistication, etc., knock yourself out. But let’s not deify the presidency. Presidents, regardless of party affiliation, are just men. I get the sense that you’re a republican and that you understand that Bush2 hasn’t been a stand-out chief executive. No, Bush2 isn’t Hitler (though he might be Martin Bormann, personally I refuse to refer to him as anything other than “President” Bush2, but that’s just me) and I think history will judge him harshly for the things he’s done during his term of office. The picture in question is one way of expressing derision for the administration. I’ve seen equally harsh things said about Clinton, Nixon, JFK, Johnson, the lot. Hell, you should hear the things that Adams said about Jefferson, or that anyone with a mouth or a newspaper said about Lincoln. It’s as much a national pastime as baseball.