Metrostop at 800 Jackson

2/19/2010 Update:

What’s up with Metro Stop?

Today’s Metro Stop update comes to you courtesy of Hoboken411 reader Susan – who was wondering why the Handicapped ramp near the 9th Street Light Rail station was a giant icy mess! (see photo gallery for images). She sent an email to NJ Transit, who responded “The improvements that were made were part of the Developer’s plan of the newly erected building site referred to as ‘METRO STOP’ and they are responsible for clearing snow or ice in these areas.”

Well, a week after our big snow – the ramp was still a mess (along with wheelchair tracks to prove it). Way to go, Metro Stop!

Such a ghost town over there!

Some other observations while milling around the area yesterday…

  • Customers who were promised a bustling pedestrian plaza complete with Starbucks and Amelia’s Bistro have been dreadfully disappointed – as the building remains without retail life. About the only thing coming (maybe) is a generic “convenience store,” which will probably sell highly marked-up goods you can get for 60% less at the Shop Rite a block away. Must get lonely back there!
  • Now we had some local kids, who try to inject some life into this area by using the (unused) stairs to have some fun with their skateboards. The kids told me that they’re kicked out each and every day by on-site security – and accused them of being “racist.” I suppose the Frou-Frou residents there don’t appreciate our ethnic diversity! C’mon, let them get their exercise! You never know, they may be the next celebrities on ESPN’s X-Games!

Will this area of Hoboken ever see the “life” we were promised? Or will it remain a barren wasteland until the economy recovers in 2020?


8/11/2008 Update:

Refreshed the imagery for the MetroStop thread.

When do you think this area will be buzzing with activity and residents?

hoboken real estate metro stop - Metrostop at 800 Jackson
hoboken metrostop update august 2008 - Metrostop at 800 Jackson


It’d been a while since I updated construction photos, and no comments on this since August of 2007. So Metrostop qualifies as today’s Hoboken411 “Blast from the Past.”

I’ve heard that the building is still under 50% sold. Here are some other miscellaneous questions:

  • Will they convert the rest of the condo units to rentals?
  • Does potentially having a Starbucks there make or break anyone’s decision to purchase?
  • Will the light rail noise be too much for some people?
  • Is the area safe, even with new businesses coming eventually?


7/20/2007 Update:

Just a construction photo to see how tall it is now.

metrostop hoboken july 2007 - Metrostop at 800 Jackson

6/19/2007 Update:

Building going up pretty fast. These pictures were taken over a week ago.

Also included as one of the “perks” is Amelia’s Bistro, which already has an establishment in Jersey City. Anyone been there? Looks pretty decent.

MetroStop has also almost finished their website, where you can read about various “perks”. How do you feel about their glorious writeup?

Hey, I’m all for quality of life improvements across the board in our city, but honestly, I feel as if I’d be living in Utopia if I stayed there. Is that possible?

hoboken metrostop progress june 7 2007 2 - Metrostop at 800 Jackson
hoboken metrostop progress june 7 2007 - Metrostop at 800 Jackson

“The Perks”

Even though getting to the city is fast and easy, you may never have to—or at least never want to—thanks to the amenities at Metrostop. Between the energy of Hoboken and the pleasures that surround it, Manhattan may get left out of your weekend plans.
The Sculpture Park
Metrostop does more than just give back to the environment. It’s an integral part of the cultural legacy of Hoboken. Between your doors and the light rail, we’ve planned a lush sculpture park perfect for strolling, lounging, or just soaking up the sun.

The Landscaped Roof Deck
While Metrostop’s roof is great for both the ecosystem and your utility bill, it’s also the perfect place to enjoy a breathtaking, bird’s-eye glimpse of Manhattan’s skyline from your private grassy perch.

Metrostop Hoboken amelias bistro - Metrostop at 800 JacksonThe Ground Floor Retail
If you do feel like leaving home but not going very far, just hop in the elevator. The glittering glass-enclosed ground floor is home to the scrumptious Amelia’s Bistro, a coffee shop and At Your Service Now concierge (dry cleaning, flowers, shoe shine, dog walking, car service, theater tickets, and maid service). Metrostop will also be a Zipcar location, with a fleet of energy efficient Prius’s available to our homeowners.

The Fitness Center & Clubroom
Exercise your right to luxury living in Metrostop’s state-of-the-art fitness center. With generous windows, brand new equipment, plenty of sunlight, and personal LCD TV’s on every cardio machine, it’s hard to procrastinate visiting a gym like this.

Meanwhile, in the adjoining Clubroom, you’ll find all the space and amenities you need to entertain on a grand scale. There’s a wet bar, lounge seating, an entertainment center, billiards table, and temperature controlled wine storage with private bins for residents. All that’s missing is your guest list.

Here’s their version of a Hoboken Map. Pretty informative for newcomers, but I didn’t realize we had cruise ships for Ferry boats.

3/16/2007 Update:

Here’s some photos snapped by a reader. It’s a little close to the tracks, no?

I suppose a derailment would ruin any chance at having a successful dinner party.

hoboken20070811 004 - Metrostop at 800 Jackson
hoboken20070811 007 - Metrostop at 800 Jackson
hoboken20070811 009 - Metrostop at 800 Jackson

This is the correct thread to discuss the Metrostop project next to the 9th Street Light Rail station. It was inadvertently included as part of the 800 Monroe Project discussed earlier. Thanks to all for clarifying.

metrostop hoboken - Metrostop at 800 Jackson

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Monday, September 5, 2011 12:33 pm

does anyone know if the developer Metro Holmes is still in business? I can’t find their address or phone number.

Sunday, May 2, 2010 11:23 pm

Currently I am looking at properties in MetroStop, I saw post that are about half good and half bad when it comes to this building. However, the biggest issue for me is when people mention the words break in! Did this really happen, will there be any police record? Could someone help me out on this?

Sunday, February 28, 2010 10:15 pm

nope… not angry or lonely… just stating facts, but i appreciate the concern!

Sunday, February 28, 2010 4:51 pm

Avery, whats wrong? You seem like a very angry, lonely young man.

Hang in there Champ things will get better. Do you need a friend?

Saturday, February 27, 2010 8:26 pm

watch out #714… u have a teenager and we will get you! how ridiculous … and EDDIE… you are a piece of work.. among others… restrict access to the club room which EVERYONE has PAID for…. seriously, so happy to be out of this bldg and once again… with everyone’s attitude in metrostop YOU ALL DO DESERVE EACH OTHER. DID YOU NOT REALIZE YOU WERE ON THE TRACKS???? And to the people on the west side of the bldg (AKA TRACKS) give me a f’ing break. Maybe its all you could afford?? It isn’t the developers fault if somebody lets people in… or for the ASSHOLE who didn’t wash their car when they saw the lime on it… have it cleaned yourself and address it… don’t let it get worse! You are all such small minded mentality people… again you deserve each other.. get what you pay for! just my opinion, but many residents agree…. guess that’s why you have so few people that add/view to the bldg blog!

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