Hoboken Police and Fire blotter: 4/2/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: April 2, 2011

An ongoing list of various noteworthy incidents, crimes and fire-calls throughout the day for Saturday, April 2, 2011. This post may be updated and “bumped” periodically.

Crimes, Incidents, Fire Calls & Vehicular mishaps

  • 4:33am: Drunken Taxi Ride
  • A Hoboken Taxi driver calls in a sloppy drunk who cannot get out of his cab. Jeez – ever hear of “last call?”

  • 4:03am: Another street fight
  • Reports of yet another street fight at Newark & Hudson Streets. Jeez – you’d think at 4am, people would be tired & chill? What up with that?

  • 2:57am: Car Accident
  • Minor car accident being reported at 13th & Washington. How? How does that happen? Can someone explain?

  • 2:55am: Street fight!
  • HPD being dispatched to the outside of 1 Marineview Plaza for reports of a street fight involving “thrown glass beer bottles.” Not sure if this has anything to do with surrounding bars, or if it’s internal to the building…

  • 2:25am: Drunk Disorderly
  • 97 Willow Ave., Hoboken Police dispatched to handle a “disorderly person.” How come these calls don’t happen at 11am? Oh wait, forget about it…

  • 2:20am: College Kid Drunk
  • Hoboken EMS en route to Stevens Institute for an “intoxicated male” in a dorm. Par for the course with college living! Rock on!

  • 2:10am: More W Hotel loveliness…
  • Multiple reports coming in for a “disorderly group” at the Chandelier Room at the W Hotel. Translation: Drunk buffoons from out of town. Thanks for the memories!

  • 2:06am: Homeless drunk arrested – cold as hell!
  • Police picked up a homeless drunk near 27 Park Ave., and took him to HPD Headquarters – requested that EMS “bring a blanket.” Wow. Cold & Arrested. Not an ideal situation.

  • 1:38am: Street Fight!
  • Reports of a street fight at 6th & Jackson. What do you think they’re fighting over?

  • 1:24am: Cheapskate DRUNK!
  • A patron enjoyed alcoholic beverages all night at The Shannon on 1st Street – and now refuses to pay the bill. What a douchebag!

  • 1:01am: Noise Complaint
    Neighbors irriated at noise coming from McMahon’s Brownstone Ale House (translation: dumpy bar) – Hoboken Police dispatched to remedy the situation.
  • 12:23am: Man “laid out”
    Reports of a drunk passed out on the sidewalk near 7th & Washington. Hoboken EMS en route.
  • 12:18am: Minor Accident
    In front of Benny Tundino’sDouble Parking Central on Washington Street.
  • 11:00pm: Man gets “emotional” while parked illegally
    HPD tried to move an illegal parker in front of 5th & Washington, but the driver refused, and became “emotional.” The unit on scene requested backup to handle the irate man.
  • 7:25pm: Naked man roaming medical building
    A tenant in the medical building at 79 Hudson Place reported that a man was roaming the building, apparently with no clothes on. HPD sent to investigate.
  • 4:30pm: MORE Violent Crime in Hoboken!
    On Willow Ave. between 8th & 9th, a man was reportedly whacked in the head with a 2×4 by three black males, wearing black hoodies. Stolen from him were his keys, and his brown leather wallet containing around $85, identification and an insurance card. Really think everything is A-OK in Hoboken?

More to come later…

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More reason why the weekend should be moved to a Wednesday.


HPD now seeking a hispanic or black male, green hat with lettering, and a hispanic male, black hoodie, red lettering, last known locations around 5th and marshall and around 2nd and adams.

Turns out, first individual who was apprehended had a bb gun and a machete on him

There was a fourth individual, red jacket, red hat, who was given by the victims but perhaps not involved in this foot chase, but was apprehended in a vehicle.

Initially we had a report of a fight in JC, these individuals matched a description given by the victims so JCPD tried to stop them. HPD is returning to service at this time.


4/3 1905 foot pursuit coming in from JC along patterson point with three individuals, handguns and perhaps a machete involved

One apprehended, two more lost around 501 harrison, one black hoodie, one green hat, individuals may be armed.

One individual believed inside 501 marshall, 107 is there with JCPD, one individual reported fleeing around 2nd and adams, hpd reporting nothing showing there, and some talk about an individual fleeing near the power station


I agree with the “bring back rain” comment. Seems to scare most people, those moist drops.


Hmm, as of midnight, only 3 of those incidents are even potentially not involving alcohol, but could be booze anyway and just not mentioned.

I might detect a pattern here, Mr. Watson. Let us investigate further. Bars everywhere. Bennies full of roid rage. Lack of respect for the people who live in this town. Yes, I do believe that beer muscles might have been involved.