Reader Mail: Hoboken Scavenger Hunt

Normally, when you see large groups of people going from one place to another, it’s usually some kind of booze-related bar crawl. It doesn’t always have to be that way.

Below, Hoboken411 reader “CJ” is looking to organize a fun scavenger hunt kind of event for his friends when they come to town for his wife’s 30th birthday party next month. He’s looking for suggestions from the readers as to what they think might be cool to include. And I don’t think he’d want to include any recent crime scenes. I’d suggest he add the Elysian Park area that was famous in “On the Waterfront”, but that may be too far north for him.

What ideas can you share?

I am planning a Hoboken Scavenger hunt in April and I was thinking that maybe I could get a little help from people around town with ideas for interesting buildings or signs or any other Hoboken landmarks that they think would tie in well for a scavenger hunt. I am trying to stay downtown starting by the PATH and probably not going above 5th or 6th.

This isn’t a group thing or anything that I would be opening to the public. I will show you two sample questions I came up with

Q: Walking along first street from Washington to Bloomfield what kind of slacks can you pick up at Goodmans?
A: Levi’s

Q: The Composer of Oh Susana lived on the corner of Bloomfield and 6th street. What was his name and what did he compose when he lived in Hoboken?
A: Stephen Foster wrote Jeannie with the light blonde hair while living in Hoboken

I will be doing the hunt at the end of April and will gladly provide you with the final question sheet for others to use in the future. With everyone’s help I am sure I can make this a success.



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* 11th and Washington — send them to the baseball diamond that marks the 4 corners. (Helmers, Liquor store, bus stop, Maxwell’s)

* somehow loop in a margarita at East L.A. it will make for a more fun hunt.

* Q: You can’t listen to the Greatful Dead and Phish here but you can taste them?
A: Ben & Jerry’s

* Q: Where the celebrities go for that bronzed look?
A: Hollywood Tans

* Loop in a question about Tunes too — great place.


Funny that this is brought up. I made a scavenger hunt for my boyfriend a while back- though we still haven’t followed through with it, so I can’t testify to the success of the clues or not. The only tricky part is that I was going to hide the clues, so he wouldn’t get the new clue unless he figured it all out. Not that it is hard to decipher the clues, but was a bit suspicious about where I could hide the clues in public and not make it too conspicuous.Also couldn’t do it in the rain or bad weather. Btw, we live downtown, so our hunt starts from down here.

Here is some of what I have:

1. You will enjoy the view here while you hear the umpire yell “Play ball”! (Little League field @ 5th and River).
2. There is a great mystery sourrounding this place. Here are some clues to help you figure it out: Mary Rogers. wealthy Manhattanites used to picnic here. supposed medical powers. opened in 1832. (Sybils’ “Cave”)
3. Marlon Brando stood with Eva Marie Saint in this Hoboken park.

It’s a great idea.

the rayman
the rayman

Hey CJ-
The Hoboken Museum has a free walking Tour Map that would be a perfect thing to develop your idea with.


They could try to find Sibil’s Cave. The Mayor hasn’t been able to.


You forgot to add:

-Successfully park and retrieve your car in the automated garage.


-don scuba gear and find at least 2 pieces of poop floating in the streets after one of our monthly ‘100 year floods’.