Hoboken has wiring issues


Hoboken seems to have their “wires crossed”

The whole entire city already knows about the nonsensical problem that has quickly cropped up – regarding the dangerous exposed wires on light poles and traffic signals in Hoboken.

Well, if wires – regardless of their danger-level – were a “perceived enemy” of Hoboken – then this following photo doesn’t surprise me.

Over at Church Square Park – there’s some sloppily loose wires tied to a utility pole. With all the recent scares (dogs electrocuted) and what have you, it’s not “good public relations” to have exposed wires like this under any circumstances. Thanks to Hoboken411 reader Jessica for the photo.

It is my belief in looking at these particular wires – that they appear to be telephone wires – and may not pose the same immediate threat that electrical wires do – but in the wrong hands (a curious kid, sniffing dog) any sharp wire can pose some kind of hazard (choking or otherwise). Maybe the city can take care of this sometime soon.

But then again, the administration may be too busy spinning the Ian Sacs Altercation Situation to tend to stuff that actually affects the real residents of the community…

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