Ian Sacs arrested after altercation – Update

NAACP: Zimmer may have violated Civil Rights

Ian Sacs arrested in Hoboken New Jersey March 24 2011 thumbThe Hoboken Branch of the NAACP put Mayor Dawn Zimmer on notice they are monitoring the case of Ian Sacs vs. Bill Laney.

Zimmer’s rush to publicly indict the Hop Bus driver and blame him for all wrongdoing despite the arrest of her Transportation Director has been seen by many as prejudicial and unfair.

In the letter obtained by Hoboken411, NAACP President Gene Drayton and Legal Redress Committee Chairman William Ayala express their “concern that the official intervention by (the Zimmer) administration in the event of March 24, 2011 between Mr. Bill Laney and Mr. Ian Sacs could interfere with and prejudice an ongoing police investigation.”

“We are concerned by reports that your administration in the handling of this in a manner that is prejudicial against Mr. Laney and could serve to violate his Civil Rights, specifically, that the Hoboken Assistant Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo encouraged the filing of a complaint by Mr. Sacs against Mr. Laney without conducting any due diligence of the incident. It should be noted that Ms. Longo displayed no interest in Mr. Sacs’ operation of a vehicle without the proper NJ Commercial Drivers License, Mr. Sacs alleged abusive and taunting provocations of a municipal employee under his supervision and the theft of Mr. Laney’s personal property.”

– Hoboken NAACP

The letter goes on to note how after the Hoboken Police Department took complaints from both men, official intervention by members of the Zimmer Administration “led to Mr. Sacs receiving preferential treatment by the Hoboken P.D.” The Mayor immediately suspended Laney without pay while no discipline was handed down to the arrested Sacs, who remains on as a Director receiving his full $103,500 salary.

You can read the entire NAACP letter here.

Hoboken411 EXCLUSIVE: Ian Sacs Arrest Report Revealed

Official Police Report offers counterpoint to Sacs’ claims; Mayor’s rush to judgment appears biased and premature

Hoboken411 has obtained the official Police report Dawn Zimmer doesn’t want you to see.

The Mayor and the many lawyers she employs at taxpayer expense have put the clamp down on information related to last week’s bizarre arrest of Parking and Transportation Director Ian Sacs and Hop Bus driver Bill Laney. While witnesses employed by the city have been directed not to speak about the incident, Zimmer quickly issued press statements defending Sacs and placing all blame for the incident on Laney. Sacs himself offered a rambling version of events, which is contradicted by the Police Report.

Ian Sacs Arrest Report revealed in Hoboken NJ by Hoboken411

Sacs: one story to the cops, another to the press and public

Well-respected Police Sgt. Melissa Gigante, who is known for spearheading community outreach and charity efforts on behalf of the HPD, writes the Narrative of the Investigation Report.

Sgt. Gigante is currently assigned as to the Community Policing Unit as a School Resources Officer, and was at City Hall last Thursday morning to pick up paperwork from the Health and Human Services Director. According to her statement, she was speaking with the front desk security guard with her back to the main staircase when she heard someone yell, “Officer! Officer!” Sgt. Gigante wrote:

“I observed a black male… interlocking his arm with a white male (Ian Sacs) who was standing on the stairs with his back to the wall. The black male, later identified as Bill Laney, was saying, “Give me back my keys! Give me back my keys!”

– Sgt. Gigante

Sgt. Gigante indicates at this point she and the security guard separated the parties. Nowhere in the official Investigation Report does Gigante assign blame for the incident, contrary to the following statement from Mayor Dawn Zimmer:

“According to several eyewitness accounts, Director Sacs was attacked by a City employee inside City Hall. Witnesses included a Police officer and a retired Police officer (the security guard).”

– Mayor Zimmer

In fact, Sgt. Gigante’s official report does not accuse Laney of “attacking” Sacs as the Mayor described in her quick-response, damage-control press release. Laney is not charged with Assault on the word of a Hoboken Police Officer, but solely on the word of Ian Sacs. Sgt. Gigante’s account continues:

“I asked Mr. Laney what the problem was… He explained he pulled the (Hop) bus over on 2nd and Willow and left it running to assist his wife and infant into their personal vehicle. There were no passengers on the bus. At this point, Mr. Laney’s boss (Sacs) arrived on scene and began to drive the bus away. Mr. Sacs stated to Mr. Laney, “you are done.” Mr. Laney said that was fine but asked Mr. Sacs to return his personal keys from the key ring. Mr. Sacs refused to do so and continued to drive the bus South on Willow from Second Street.”

– Sgt. Gigante

Under the law, that is theft of a movable object, and Sacs was so charged. Sgt. Gigante notes Laney walked to the Central Garage at Willow and Observer to meet with Sacs where he “repeatedly asked Mr. Sacs to return his keys which Mr. Sacs repeatedly refused to do.” Then they both headed to City Hall, and Sacs continued to tell Laney he was “done” and would not give him his keys back.

Hoboken HOP bus controversy Ian Sacs Arrested NJ March 24 2011

Ian Sacs doesn’t recognize his own employee

In his press release professing his innocence, Ian Sacs claimed the Hop Bus was “unattended” and “abandoned” when he found it. What he didn’t say in that release was that he got into the bus and raced off to the Municipal Garage despite the fact that Laney was in fact very close by. Nowhere in his press statement does Sacs say he saw Laney, but he told a different story to Sgt. Gigante moments after the scuffle:

“After hearing Mr. Laney’s story, I proceeded to the second floor of City Hall to meet with Mr. Sacs while Security Officer Costello stay(ed) with Mr. Laney until officers arrived on the scene. At this point, Mr. Sacs handed the keys to a female to return to Mr. Laney.”

– Sgt. Gigante

The Second Floor is where the offices of the Mayor and Corporation Counsel are located. The female who was handed the keys was likely one of the new City Attorneys Zimmer has put on the payroll. Sgt. Gigante asked Sacs what his side of the story was:

“Mr. Sacs stated he was walking east on Second Street on his way to work and he noticed the bus unattended and running. He said he did not see the driver in sight so he proceeded to enter the vehicle to bring it to the garage since it was unattended. He said he saw a black male clearing snow off a car but did not realize it was Mr. Laney until he saw him at the garage.

– Sgt. Gigante.

Imagine you are in Sacs’ position. If you saw an empty bus and knew Bill Laney was supposed to be driving it, wouldn’t you take a second look at the nearest African-American man on 2nd and Willow to determine if that was him? People who know Ian Sacs think he was either too enraged to see straight, or wanted to take the bus and drive it away for spite to “teach Laney a lesson.”

Despite his claim that he is a victim of “Workplace Violence,” Sacs actually didn’t want to press charges following the incident. Read the information you didn’t get from Sacs or Zimmer, and much, much more of what Sacs actually did right after the incident, after the jump.

Ian Sacs’ Contradictions Continue

“Mr. Sacs said they both walked to City Hall and Mr. Laney was asking him for the keys and he told Mr. Laney he would get his keys back upon the completion of the disciplinary paperwork.”

– Sgt. Gigante

This contradicts the denials Sacs put in his press release. Remember this?

“In the lobby of City Hall, on my way to document the incident, I was physically confronted and then attacked in plain view of our on-duty security guard, an on-duty police officer, as well as several other employees and citizens waiting for court. As the security guard and police officer removed the attacker from me, I then heard him state that there were “personal” keys attached to the ring in addition to the municipal shuttle bus keys. I immediately had another individual return the personal portion of the key ring. That alone is the so-called “theft” of which I am accused.”

– Ian Sacs, 3/25/2011

Sacs claims in his public statement that he didn’t hear about the “personal” keys attached to the ring he confiscated until after the “attack” against him, but he told Sgt. Gigante that Laney told him about “his keys” during their walk from the Municipal Garage. Seems like they cannot keep track of what is spin, and what is truth!

This is Sacs’ first job as a manager of employees, and as Hoboken411 has noted, some of his employees find him to be aloof and condescending. He has a very high opinion of his engineering degree and professional certifications.

Was Sacs “poking the bear” by repeatedly refusing to give Laney his keys back, only to change the story to make it seem that he was more like the “Victim of Workplace Violence” that self-described “Crisis Communications Expert” Dawn Zimmer is trying to portray him as? Go ahead and make up your own mind, and comment below.

Now, back to Sgt. Gigante’s account:

“Mr. Sacs says at one point inside City Hall, Mr. Laney said “I’m tired of this shit”, then (Sacs claims) he cocked back his right arm and said, “I’m gonna knock you out!” Mr. Sacs said Mr. Laney then pushed him up against the wall by the stairs and that is when he called for me to help him… I then asked Mr. Sacs if he wished to file a criminal complaint against Mr. Laney and he said “no, I will just follow through with the disciplinary paperwork.”

– Sgt. Gigante

Sacs “changes tune” on word he may have broken the law

Once Sacs tells Sgt. Gigante he doesn’t want to file charges, she returns downstairs to speak with Laney, who remains with Costello on the front steps. Laney tells her he, “felt as he was being harassed and treated like a little kid by Mr. Sacs.” He also tells her he wished to sign a criminal complaint against his boss. The official police report also says Laney, “further stated he found it unfair that he needed to follow Mr. Sacs from 2nd and Willow, all the way to City Hall just to get property returned to him that was rightfully his.” Sgt. Gigante continues the story:

“I went back upstairs to advise Mr. Sacs of the situation, and he was already outside with First Assistant Corporate Counsel Melissa Longo. Mr. Sacs stated he now wished to sign a criminal complaint. I advised him he could sign a complaint for Simple Assault… I explained to Mr. Sacs and Ms. Longo that there were going to be counter complaints, both would be transported to headquarters, and both would be handcuffed as per police procedure.”

– Sgt. Gigante

At this point Business Administrator Arch Liston was informed of the situation.

Sources tell Hoboken411 that attempts were made – and denied – to give Sacs special treatment to avoid being “cuffed and stuffed.” Officers at the scene followed standard operating procedure under New Jersey Law, but bizarrely attorneys for Sacs and the City were able to get the Captain on duty to break procedure and allow them in to see Sacs during arrest processing.

In contrast, Laney was given no such courtesy and access to an attorney, which has become a rallying point for some in the African-American community who are outraged at how a white Mayor is using the power of her office to convict an African-American employee of crimes before a trial. Unconfirmed rumors swirling around Hoboken yesterday suggested Al Sharpton might pay a visit to the Mile Square.

Laney remains suspended without pay by Liston and Zimmer, Sacs remains on the job as Parking and Transportation Director.

3/26/2011 Update:

Ian Sacs strikes back

Transportation Director sends response to Hoboken411

Arrested Hoboken Employee Ian Sacs angry with Hoboken411Ian Sacs has the right to remain silent.

He learned this on Thursday morning as handcuffs were placed on his wrists. Under the anti-dissention policies of Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Sacs is under orders to say nothing to the press without Business Administrator Arch Liston’s consent. Apparently the new rules apparently only apply to people who aren’t part of Zimmer’s political inner circle.

Last night I, received an email from Ian Sacs defending himself and attacking Hoboken411 and it’s readers.

Whether he consulted one of the many attorneys involved following his arrest on multiple charges before sending this rant is unknown. City Hall must be quite certain the cover-up operation (and continued humiliation of a low-wage, minority bus driver being leaned on by the most powerful person in Hoboken and all of her lawyers) is so well in hand that it will most certainly lead to charges against him being downgraded or dropped.

Now in power, Zimmer & Co. hate public scrutiny

Dawn Zimmer and her supporters couldn’t have been happier than when Hoboken411 first reported the DUI arrest of former Councilman Christopher Campos.

They couldn’t contain their glee when Hoboken411 broke the story of the “Missing Million in Quarters” which later led to the arrest of former Hoboken Parking Utility Chief John Corea.

They were over the moon when Hoboken411 announced the arrest of Mayor Peter Cammarano and his bagman Michael Schaffer.

But when Hoboken411 was the source for the best details available about this week’s arrest of current HPU head Ian Sacs, they responded with lies and anger.

City employees believe they will lose their jobs if they say anything that could damage Sacs’ case, and Zimmer’s political aspirations to take back the City Council in the spring elections. Every effort to save Sacs has been made by the Mayor, who runs the city with a siege mentality of “You’re either with us, or you’re against us.” In fairness to Ian Sacs, we present every word of his side of the story.

And now, a few minutes with Ian Sacs:

“Mr. Klaussen,

  • Gosh Ian, why so formal? You used to call me by my first name when you wanted Hoboken411 to promote your pet projects like the Recession Soccer League.

“I am writing in a personal capacity in response to your account of events involving me that were posted on your blog page yesterday, March 24, 2011. My purpose is to clear the record, not so much for my sake, but for the sake of your readers who may be angered, incited, or enraged by information that inaccurately depicts my actions in such an unprofessional manner.”

  • My goodness, you’re concerned for the sake of Hoboken411 readers? You weren’t concerned at all when you rejected repeated requests from a credentialed member of the NJ Press for public information about your parking and traffic policies. You’ve repeatedly refused to provide backup data for your flashy charts and press releases that appear to be built on little more than your opinion.

“When taking this job, I knew that the intense politics of Hoboken would drag my efforts through the mud, and I accepted that reality willingly.”

  • Yes, you accepted the job from Dawn Zimmer willingly just as you were negotiating to sign on as an underling to John Corea in Peter Cammarano’s administration (according to sources close to the former Mayor-for-a-month.) Will you confirm this?

“But I did not sign on to anyone deliberately distorting my work and efforts as a way to encourage hate and violence among innocent an unsuspecting residents.”

  • Excuse me, sir, but are you actually blaming Hoboken411 for the “hate and violence” allegedly aimed your way by Hop Bus Driver Bill Laney? May I remind you, sir, that Bill Laney is an employee that YOU hired! According to public records you hired Mr. Laney on June 14, 2010 at a salary of $20,800. You were the Director at that time and you made the decision to bring him on board. If he didn’t work out, it’s on you.
  • Speaking of people you hired, wasn’t the very first person you brought on board to work for you at the HPU arrested and charged with extorting food from deli delivery men? Wasn’t the same hire of yours found to have had criminal court issues at the time he was hired? Have you considered perhaps there’s a pattern here involving your hiring decisions? If so, do you think this pattern exacerbated by your lack of management experience prior to accepting this job?

“I have a deep compassion for my neighbors and my employees, which is why I took this job; it is painful to see them be so cruelly misled.”

  • My understanding is you took this job because you had not been employed full time for an extended period of time and were offered a six-figure salary within walking distance of your home.

“I am deeply concerned that your politically motivated speculations and distortions of the truth lead to more such hate and violence, as it has certainly done so already on many occasions.”

  • No Mr. Sacs. Hoboken’s politically motivated distortions of truth are found in the ineffective political pop-up blogs set up by devoted followers of your employer, one of whom has been reported to have engaged in multiple public altercations with political enemies.

“I wholeheartedly believe that I have done nothing wrong, the charges are false. I am confident that nothing will be learned to justify, warrant or support any of the accusations.”

  • I would expect nothing less, you have a right to express your belief in your innocence and you will have your day in court. In fairness, your statement is published here. However, you also have a bully pulpit, the Mayor and a team of lawyers on your side. The man you’ve accused of assault has no such power.

“Yesterday, while walking to work, I encountered one of our city shuttle buses at 2nd Street and Willow Avenue illegally parked, unattended, idling, with the keys hanging from the ignition.”

  • Did you look around to see if the driver was in the area? The most recent accounts indicate he may have been nearby helping the mother of his child clean off of her car. I cannot confirm this, but perhaps you could shed some light on this issue.

“Anyone could have stolen the bus, and it was in the crosswalk creating a pedestrian safety hazard. Moreover, it was not where it should be at that time on its route. This is all entirely unacceptable and not an appropriate way to run the community shuttle bus service, for which I am responsible. Not only could the bus have been stolen, the fare box money in the box stolen, the bus taken for a joy ride by kids, or entered and vandalized, but the bus was illegally parked in the crosswalk in such a way and on such a narrow street that it severely blocked visibility and it could have caused a collision, an injury to pedestrians, or in the worst case, a fatality.”

  • Interesting, because the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Code apparently is concerned that people who drive shuttle buses who do not hold a Commercial Drivers License could cause collisions, injure pedestrians, or in the worst case, a fatality. Do you have a CDL, Mr. Sacs?

“Avoiding and preventing these things is exactly what I work hard to achieve each and every day, so to find one of my own vehicles in such a position is extremely alarming. Whatever the reason the bus was abandoned, running, with the keys in the ignition, it could not remain where it was, running or not.”

  • Did you think perhaps there was something very wrong going on, and that you should call the police to investigate why this was the case, or was it that you actually knew the driver was nearby, and wanted “to teach him a lesson?”

“Since it was my understanding that city employees may operate city vehicles – so long as there are no passengers and contain fewer than 16 seats – I chose to move the bus out of the crosswalk, return it to a safe location at the municipal lot two blocks away, and then investigate why the bus was abandoned in such a precarious location.”

  • Would you say “your understanding” that you may operate city vehicles of this size was in retrospect, incorrect? Did all of your transportation and engineering related college degrees and professional certifications fail to educate you to the point that you would be qualified to drive the Hoboken Hop Bus?

“The bus was returned and parked legally in the municipal lot. Since the keys were for a municipal shuttle bus, I did not realize that personal keys were attached to the key ring.”

  • And how many keys were on that key ring, Director Sacs? If it was more than two it may have been a clue that you were improperly handling someone’s personal property. Were you too angry to notice how many keys were on the key ring?

“In the lobby of City Hall, on my way to document the incident, I was physically confronted and then attacked in plain view of our on-duty security guard, an on-duty police officer, as well as several other employees and citizens waiting for court. As the security guard and police officer removed the attacker from me, I then heard him state that there were “personal” keys attached to the ring in addition to the municipal shuttle bus keys. I immediately had another individual return the personal portion of the key ring. That alone is the so-called “theft” of which I am accused.”

I am admittedly no tough guy. I am no bully. I am no aggressor, and I did not initiate any violence. I maintain a light, friendly, professional rapport with my staff. I am quite successful and content using our laws and rules of employment to get the performance I expect, and all my staff know this. There was no “lighting into”, “threats”, “public berating”, or “verbal firing” as you incorrectly wrote. There was no “throwdown” or “fight” as you incorrectly wrote. I did not “poke” or say “You’re finished”, as you incorrectly wrote. I was simply attacked for doing my job as a Director. You should understand that your words, Mr. Klaussen, can incite much unnecessary anger and hate when carelessly chosen.

  • Director Sacs, your concern for “words that can incite much unnecessary anger and hate” would be taken to heart more strongly if you were not yourself so personally tolerant of Nancy Pincus, the Zimmer-supporting Zoning Board member who carelessly compares opposition City Council members to Nazis like Adolf Hitler and many other of history’s despots. I don’t suppose you would be so bold as to deny it was your unsigned correspondence about Corners Cars that Pincus published last December 3rd? It sure looks like an email from you. What is it about your aversion to the proper use of capitalization in emails, anyway? (This one is the exception to that rule, of course.)

“Although I am stern to the point that I expect each employee to earn their pay (and for that I find no harm), I nonetheless treat all of my employees with respect and empathy, and I make every effort to avoid personnel actions that effect their permanent record if at all possible. It is unfair to characterize me as being “hot tempered”, or to suggest that I have a “strained” relationship with my employees, unless you think that expecting a reasonable level of performance and productivity for one’s pay makes a relationship strained.”

  • I respectfully suggest you have a frank conversation with some of your employees, who may beg to differ, but it is one persons word against another and you are welcome to refute the inference. (And now here’s where he gets really snarky…)

“Given your track record, I am doubtful you would act in such an objective and balanced manner, but since your blog’s slogan is “Keeping Hoboken Honest”, I am respectfully requesting that you post this response in its entirety, with no edits or redactions.”

  • This supports my sense that you only consider news coverage “objective and balanced” when it takes your press releases and republishes them verbatim.

“That is what a legitimate news source would do.”

  • Well, I’m legitimate, with credentials, and that’s what I did.

“I will send this response to all local news sites as well so that they can choose to participate in keeping you honest.”

  • Both local newspapers edited your 956 word essay, Mr. Sacs. Does that make them illegitimate and dishonest?

“I further challenge you, in the name of “Keeping Hoboken Honest”, and in the name of the innocent people who read your blog expecting unbiased news, to keep yourself, a self-proclaimed “credentialed journalist”, honest as well.”

  • My credentials are not “self-proclaimed.” They come from the same organization that credentials all other news media in New Jersey, but you know that because I sent you proof of my credentials in my effort to receive public information from your office. Yet – you choose (or were told) not to interact with the largest viewing audience in Hoboken.

“Thank you for your time and consideration.
Ian Sacs, Hoboken Resident”

  • Wait, don’t go… just one more question, did you write this letter on city time, Director?

So, that’s it. Ian Sacs’ response. In the interest of getting all sides of the story out there I present it to you, the Hoboken411 reader. You are the reason this website survives and thrives, and why others who only live to worship politicians whither and fail.

As always, feel free to comment below. I’ll let you know if Director Sacs offers any further response.

3/24/2011 Update:

Sources say Sacs faces three charges, Laney one

Ian Sacs Arrested Hoboken NJMore details about the altercation that led to the arrest of Hoboken Parking and Transportation Director Ian Sacs are emerging even as Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s spin team keeps a lid on any official announcement from the Police Department.

So far there’s been no official release of charges against Sacs and Hop Bus driver Bill Laney. Sources tell Hoboken411 that Sacs has been charged with Theft of Moveable Property, Harassment, and driving the Hop Bus without a Commercial Drivers License.

Rumors that Sacs may also be charged with assault are so far unconfirmed, but all it would take is for Laney to file a simple assault charge against Sacs, which may yet happen. Laney has been charged with Simple Assault, apparently on a complaint sworn out by Sacs.

No official release from the Police, on orders from City Hall

City Hall has put the hammer down on the HPD, which is not releasing information about the arrests.

The Mayor’s office is making every effort to control communications about the incident, which is a massive conflict considering Sacs’ close relationship with Zimmer. All members of the credentialed local press (including Hoboken411) have a responsibility to press for the facts about the case and not simply repeat the Mayor’s spin on the incident. Here’s what’s known so far through conversations with witnesses and other reliable sources.

Ian Sacs had a bad night, and an even worse morning

Ian Sacs arrested in Hoboken New Jersey March 24 2011 thumbSacs had a rough night last night.

He was grilled by some of his own allies during a City Council budget review meeting and didn’t have answers. He got so flustered he had to step down and ask the council to let him come back at a later meeting to complete his presentation. It was a humiliating scene for the young Director, who many say was given a $103,000 city job too soon by his friend and fellow soccer league player Dawn Zimmer.

Sacs never had a management job before Hoboken, and has a strained relationship with his HPU employees. He can’t help but talk down to them just like he talks down to members of the taxpaying pubic looking for answers about some of his more bizarre HPU policies.

Sacs grabs keys, allegedly illegally drove Hop Bus away

Sacs took the keys and drove the bus despite not having a Commercial Drivers License. That’s a crime that can lead to a fine of up to $5000 and up to 90 days in prison.

Driving a large vehicle without a CDL license is a dangerous act in the eyes of the law. People can and have been killed by drivers not trained to drive CDL vehicles. According to witnesses, Sacs poked Laney and told him “You’re finished!” as a means of illegally informing him he would be fired. When Laney attempted to retrieve his keys from Sacs, a scuffle ensued, which led to both men being arrested.

Sacs, Laney hauled to HQ, Mayor & Lawyers harass witnesses

Within minutes of the altercation, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and a female attorney from the Office of Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin were outside grilling city employees who witnessed the incident, and ordering them not to talk about it. Some consider this witness tampering. While this was going on at City Hall, two lawyers were allowed to break police protocol and see Sacs while he was in the process of being booked on charges. At first the lawyers were told to wait until Sacs had been processed. Pressure from the City Attorney on the presiding Captain led to that protocol being overruled.

Those attorneys – one paid for by the taxpayers and another unknown – began to craft Sacs’ case in conjunction with the City Hall spin machine.

Dawn Zimmer Spin Ian Sacs HPU Arrest Hoboken NJ March 24 2011

Zimmer sticks by her friend, regardless of charges

Any hope that Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her enforcer, Business Administrator Arch Liston, would handle this case fairly went out the window early in the afternoon. Zimmer likes to tell people she spent part of her short career working in “Crisis Management,” which is Public Relations Speak for “Lying through your teeth until the heat is off from the press.” A full spin control effort was underway moments after the altercation as Sacs was marched in handcuffs to Police Headquarters.

Mayor’s comments may lead to yet another employee lawsuit

Zimmer opened the city up to litigation from Laney when she sent out a release saying the “attacker” has been “suspended without pay pending further investigation,” but said nothing about the three (and maybe four) charges against Sacs.

What she said: “While I believe Director Sacs is the victim of workplace violence, I am calling for an independent 3rd party to thoroughly review this matter,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

What she meant: “I want people to believe Director Sacs was the victim of workplace violence, regardless of the charges against him.”

What she said: “Workplace violence is an extremely serious matter and cannot be condoned. My Administration has zero tolerance for such conduct, and I urge the Council to support this internal review and codify the Ethics ordinance which seeks to address this issue.”

What she meant: “My Administration has zero tolerance for such conduct by employees, who are presumed guilty before proven innocent and receiving 6-figure court settlements. There is 100% tolerance for all of my Directors to do whatever they want, which is why I want the Council to adopt my Anti-Whistleblower ordinance, which will give me the ability to fire any city employee who so much as breathes criticism of my authority.”

Zimmer suspends the low-wage, African-American bus driver without pay with an expensive attorney bill looming. Laney will face tremendous pressure to drop his charges against Sacs or face even bigger financial losses. Meanwhile, the Caucasian, six-figure Zimmer crony will keep his job while the taxpayers pay the Corporation Counsel’s office to lean on witnesses and suppress the truth about the incident.

Just another day in Dawn Zimmer’s Hoboken.

Original 3/24/2011 1pm Update:

Parking & Transportation Director handcuffed after alleged assault

Ian Sacs Arrested Hoboken NJHot tempered Hoboken Parking and Transportation Director Ian Sacs is being held in police custody today following an altercation with a Hop Bus driver in front of City Hall.

Sources tell Hoboken411 there were multiple witnesses to the alleged assault. Details are somewhat sketchy at this point, but around 9:30 this morning Sacs was apparently publicly berating the driver, and may have threatened his job or told him he was fired.

Such threats and/or verbal firing would be outside the rules of procedure for dealing with city employees.

Police break up throwdown in front of City Hall

Words were exchanged, and sources say Sacs forcibly confiscated the driver’s Hop Bus Keys.

This apparently led to a throwdown between Sacs and the driver in front of several witnesses, including at least one Hoboken Police Officer who broke up the fight and put Sacs in handcuffs. Both Sacs and the driver were taken to Police Headquarters to be processed. During processing attorneys are not allowed access to their clients, but City Hall leaned on the HPD to allow two attorneys (including the Corporation Counsel) into the holding cell with Sacs. The bus driver is not believed to be receiving the same courtesy.

Hoboken411 will update this story as details emerge!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 8:45 am

Although the previous HPU Director was much more helpful in getting me out of parking tickets, I’ve always at least received responses to my emails to the the HPU. Try Nancy at @hobokennj.org">ndesteno@hobokennj.org.

As for the HOP, I tried taking it once, but the driver wasn’t paying attention and drove right past me with her empty bus. But you can track their locations on the city’s website. I can’t post the link on Hoboken411, but you can google search for it. I just tried “hop hoboken location phone” and the first result was the page that you can track it from your phone on.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 12:22 am

I find the Hop totally confusing the Green Hop seems to be the one I would take to the PATH in the morning yet I only see the Red Hop and it is going uptown not downtown…….

Sacs is still in charge of HPU right? I have an issue and need to address it to the right person….

4th Ward Guardian
4th Ward Guardian
Reply to  Stpaddygirl
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 12:30 am

Sacs is still in charge of the HPU because a white guy who plays soccer and rides bikes with Zimmer gets her protection while a black guy from the projects trying to make ends meet for his family gets thrown under The Hop. The driver was suspended without pay. Sacs was arrested but never even reprimanded for his stupidity and recklessness. Good luck getting an answer from Sacs, who thinks he’s all-knowing and untouchable. He has good reason to think so. Zimmer will spend every last tax dollar defending him.[quote comment=”205696″]I find the Hop totally confusing the Green Hop seems to be the one I would take to the PATH in the morning yet I only see the Red Hop and it is going uptown not downtown…….Sacs is still in charge of HPU right? I have an issue and need to address it to the right person….[/quote]

Reply to  4th Ward Guardian
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 12:37 am

Thanks..[quote comment=”205697″]Sacs is still in charge of the HPU because a white guy who plays soccer and rides bikes with Zimmer gets her protection while a black guy from the projects trying to make ends meet for his family gets thrown under The Hop. The driver was suspended without pay. Sacs was arrested but never even reprimanded for his stupidity and recklessness. Good luck getting an answer from Sacs, who thinks he’s all-knowing and untouchable. He has good reason to think so. Zimmer will spend every last tax dollar defending him.[/quote]

Reply to  Stpaddygirl
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 8:48 am

Try Nancy at ndesteno at hobokennj dot org.

She is helpful. Google search for Hoboken, Hop, and Location. You can track it on your phone. Getting them stop for you is another story. [quote comment=”205698″]Thanks..


Monday, April 11, 2011 11:58 am

A profile suggestion: I am the best person I know. My friend, Mayor Dawn, gave the the awesome job of ruling the lazy tax paying citizens of Hoboken who insist on their right to own a car. Naturally she is very impressed with me and I know I had her at “Hello, my name is Ian”. Boys Rule! It occurred to me that the major problem is not a lack of parking spaces. It is the ignorance of Hoboken car owners. Why can’t they bicycle or walk to work like me & the Dawn? My first plan was to make the price of parking permits $5,000 but the Dawn said it would be better if we weren’t so overt. It is to our advantage to simply give out steep fines. My Parking Ticket Task Force know they are my eyes & ears and understand if they do not follow my instructions exactly as ordered then they are “done”. All of my employees know that I insist on absolute obedience. When I decree arbitrary changes in the laws then they will have to deal with the peasants. For example, I now decree that it is lawful – even desirable – for the Director of Parking and Transportation to drive a shuttle bus through the streets of Hoboken without a commercial drivers license. It is incumbent upon the peasants to stay alert. Being superior has its disadvantages. I don’t like being called an anus. If people could look past their prejudices they… Read more »

Monday, April 11, 2011 10:27 am

Now that fat head Russo is the newest target, Her highnesses boy toys problem will now be forgotten and fade away.

Friday, April 1, 2011 2:45 pm

Al Sharpton? Is this an April Fool’s day joke?

Holy cow, if not, it’s gonna be an interesting April!

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