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Today is “bank update day”. Here’s another of many new bank branches that have opened in Hoboken in the past year. Joy to the world.


More fruity nonsense after the jump, including motivational posters that involve our lovely banks!

Update 9/12/2006:
Seems as if this ex-hair salon is getting turned into an HSBC bank location.
Makes this Motivational Poster a reader sent in last month that much more relevant.

(click to enlarge)

It’s obviously a slow day at Hoboken411 when posts like this appear.

It seems as if Angela and her crazy crew have disbanded from the infamous 524 Washington Street location. This is about as disappointing as when Van Halen broke up.

They have conveniently put up signs so that you can reach them in case of a hair emergency.

To recap this traumatic event:

“Mira” and “Richie” are moving to 211 4th St.
“Carol” and “Maria” are moving to 108 4th St.
“Cruisen Aound” (as the sign read) is relocating to 828 First St. in Secaucus. You better check your flight reservations twice with them to make sure you don’t end up in Detroit when you meant to go to Fiji.

This place was a debacle to begin with. With all these names and signs, it’s no wonder they met this fate. What were they going to add to the shop next? A wood mill? Fried chicken?

mira sign 3.JPGmira cruisin sign 2.JPGmira sign 1.JPG

Description –
Beauty Salon
Address – 524 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4906
Telephone – (201) 659-9822

angelas hair styling.JPG

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I agree noone, but I have heard it is actually very tough for small businesses here that do not have, shall we say “connections” to the local government, to succeed. Therefore, the chance of having mom and pop stores remain or come becomes less likely by the day.


I’m with rapperd – Commerce kicks ass. Sunday hours and tons of free pens.


Commerce Bank rules.
Their plan for global domination began in Hoboken.


If they’d put Citibank or PNC on Washington, preferably downtown, I’d be a-ok with that. Their branches are too far east for my liking.


I don’t understand why people gripe about banks invading Washington Street. I’m sure if it was cheaper to open a store, people would open them. Sadly, its just too expensive to open anything on Washington Street anymore besides banks, sushi restaurants, dry cleaners or real estate offices (and I think the day of the real estate offices is swiftly coming to an end).