Water Cooler – 3/7/2007

giant-tape-recorder.gifMuch chatter in the past week. Parades, Council action, banishment, flooding, hate-crimes and more. Read below to find out how to contribute your favorite comments to the weekly list.

So what was some of the stuff we were saying in the past week?

  • St Patrick’s Day Parade
    SurlyBartender says: “Tacos would make for a lovely addition to the smell of 300 wet, hot, drunk, smelly people crammed into one room. Great idea..”
  • and….
    HansBrix says: “If it happens (flashing boobies) what you’ll likely see are somewhat overweight drunk girls in tight green t-shirts flashing their flappies.”

  • Bias Attack
    chacha17 says: “what if i walk into the Cage some friday night – as a straight guy – and get my @ss kicked…is that a hate crime? aren’t i in the minority in that case?”
  • Hoboken411 isn’t productive
    emarche says: “You should print off t-shirts that say, “Hoboken 411: The Truth is Out There”.”
    whewwhewwhew says: “I am not sure what the Zoning official needed to do on EBAY on tax payers time, but this is hypocrisy in it’s highest form.”
  • We have flooding issues?
    mheal says: “I’m so glad that I found this site! The only one giving flood info for the area.”
    Red Haven says: “And Dave Roberts wants several new high-rise buildings in the Southwest with no infrastructure improvements? This is nuts”
    Katie_Scarlett says: “How is it that rainstorm after rainstorm the flooding occurs and NOTHING IS EVER DONE ABOUT IT?”
  • Live Police and Fire Action
    brrr says: “Nature of incident: port o’ potty knocked over by drunks with friend still in it. “filthy””
  • Councilman arrested for DUI
    Furey says: “That was awesome. Kudos to Sergeant Peck! I think he was very professional about it.”

If you’d like to help 411 out, or if you see a comment worthy of the weekly highlights, it takes 10 seconds of your time.

Simply right click the date of the comment and select either “Copy Shortcut” (IE) or “Copy Link Location” (Firefox) then go to your favorite email program and “Paste”… send that to Hoboken411@gmail.com and that’s it!


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