60 Second Review: Hoboken Rice Balls


Rice Balls at Balbo’s Pizza in Hoboken: Bada Bing!

Noticed a trend up-tick in readers emailing Hoboken411 looking for advice on Rice Balls recently.

My immediate response to all of them has been: Balbo’s Pizza Rice Balls are amazing!”

Not many places in Hoboken serve Rice Balls – and I will back up my opinion that Balbo’s knocks ’em out of the park (along with a cup of their phenomenal tomato sauce).

This is the result of having passion for what you do and sell these days: a fantastic product.

Have you tried Balbo’s Rice Balls yet?

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I love rice balls. I’ll give Balbo’s a try one night early next week for dinner.


Not the biggest fan of rice balls but maybe I’ll give these a try.

BTW, Trader Joe sells fabulous mac-n-cheese balls. Recommended.