Baby light my (asbestos) fire!


Hoboken Candle Shop undergoing Asbestos remediation

People weren’t exactly knocking Hoboken411’s door down for this blippit of information – but here it goes anyway.

The Candle Shop (325 Washington St.) is currently closed, and undergoing environmental cleanup for Asbestos removal.

Which gives me great pleasure to share with you some of the best candles I ever bought recently. I picked up a few of these Snickerdoodle Scented Soy Candles at Amazon last month – they’re American Soybean Wax – which burn nicely (and smell incredible!)

These candles were so awesome – I picked up a case more the other day. They burn for 30 hours – and have a lead-free wick. Your entire apartment will smell wonderful! Only $8.95 apiece and have free shipping (if you’re an Amazon Prime member).

You can also re-use the tapered glazed ceramic pottery for other things once it’s done burning too (like planting little flowers or herbs, etc.)

What are your favorite candles?

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It’s some how related to an “inconsiderate neighbor” according to the sign they had posted a month ago when there was a lot of water damage.

The Professor
The Professor

Someone gave us these candles made by a company called “Paddywax” from Galatea on Washington and 12th (?). They were great-smelling so we since bought a few other scents as well. Not cheap – but a very nice gift and equally nice to have around for a rainy night like tonight.