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Hoboken streets get worse every year

Yesterday, a Hoboken Police Officer noticed that an area near the intersection of 9th and Monroe Streets was “caving in – you can see straight through!”

North Hudson Sewerage Authority was notified, and sent a crew out to diagnose the situation.

Poor road conditions at 9th and Monroe in Hoboken NJ near Shoprite - Adventurous Hoboken Driving

Aging infrastructure should not be ignored

Leaking sewer at 9th and Monroe Streets Hoboken NJ - Adventurous Hoboken DrivingTurns out, one of the square concrete sewer junctions (that connect other pipes) cracked on top. The worker on scene was confident that area of the street is not in danger of collapse (411: No worries, it’s just the entire neighborhood around that section that has sunk a couple feet over the years!) Some asphalt was used to fill the hole – and a metal plate was later placed on top of it.

It’s kind of scary to realize that the sewer system is more stable!

Either way, it’s recommended that if you care about your vehicle – to avoid some of these areas entirely – even if it has “less traffic” (what hurry are you in anyway?) While a good majority of Hoboken’s roads are in rough shape, there are some very atrocious spots in the west and northern parts of the city.

Hoboken has a serious infrastructure problem looming sometime in the future – as many of the sewer pipes uptown are made of wood (yes, that’s right – trees tied together like 100 years ago). And frankly, before further development or bonding for luxuries like parks and bike paint – perhaps the bare necessities should be handled first? Additionally, Hoboken has nearly 40 linear miles of paved roadways. We’re lucky if 5% of the streets get re-surfaced each year – which would mean at that rate, it would take close to 20 years to refresh all the roads!

Maybe before we plan on enjoying the fruits of the tree – someone should be managing the roots?

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Learned a long time ago to avoid certain roads in Hoboken. Can’t understand why some drivers still repeatedly damage their cars.


I guess this problem has nothing to do with the developing in that area.The driving of piles and construction which is going on now on 9th and madison St near shoprite ..Madison ST looks like an F16 straffed and bombed it.. There are no factorys so we can’t blaim the semis..When the Henkel chem area is developed Lord bless the tennents… 😀 [quote comment=”204743″]Learned a long time ago to avoid certain roads in Hoboken. Can’t understand why some drivers still repeatedly damage their cars.[/quote]

Fred Pocci
Fred Pocci

Since the North Hudson Sewerage Authority purchased the municipal sewer collection systems in 1996, it has been tending the garden very well.

Most of the wooden sewer system in Hoboken has been replaced or is in the process of being replaced. We currently have two contracts, valued at a total of $ 6.3 Million awarded for such improvements, with project work already begun on the cleaning and rehabilitation of all wooden combined sewers and manholes located in the southwest portion of Hoboken. About 3200 LF of these combined sewers are located along Madison Street, Grand Street, Jackson Street, Monroe Street, Jefferson Street between Newark Street and 7th Street.

Fortunately, since the expected life of a sewer is about 100 years, we can keep its current average life of 53 years on target with the rehabilitation of about 2,000 linear feet per year.