Hoboken Curb Cut Conundrum


[Continuing the reader contributed series “Cornering the Market,” written by Brian Murray]

The War On Hoboken Parking

Hoboken does not want you to have a car, and it’s not about parking.

This is not a argument for or against Zip Cars, Connect Cars or the merits of bike lanes.

It’s the stated pact of the Hoboken Master Plan page 43, under “Restrict New Curb Cuts”

In today’s Hoboken you need a double wide lot to put in a curb cut which allows access to a parking garage. The video contains my conspiracy theory. Suffice to say everything comes down to money. Why else would the City not want to take away the length of one average car to take three, four, five or even six cars off of the street?

The Curb Cut Benefit

The Curb Cut restrictions not only hurt citizens who would like dedicated parking but it slows real estate development. I am not talking about 13 stories rising out the Southwest corner of Hoboken.

I am talking about rehabs of simple four and five story buildings sitting on a standard 25ft x 100ft lot. The additional parking allows developers to make the projects profitable. The construction costs are already so high that many of these buildings in need of rehab simply are not getting fixed because of the lack of profit.

A curb cut can change this equation.

Dwellers get parking, the city gets higher taxes for the new construction, the neighbors get rid of an eyesore thereby raising their property values…… All from a curb cut!

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