Hoboken Week in Review: 3/20/2011


Spring is here, Hoboken!

As of 7:21pm tonight – we will officially have “broken up” with this treacherous winter and the blizzards that we’ve had. I’ll drink to that!

Some of the most noteworthy posts for the week ending Sunday, March 20, 2011:

Politics and City Happenings

    • Bored of BoardThe Hoboken Board of Education holds it’s election in less than a month. Get into the no-spin zone here and find out who’s who.
    • Council of Mud-SlingingIf you had to vote on who slings mud best in Hoboken – there would be no shortage of options. If you want to vote for sensibility and transparency – well, your choices are limited. Hoboken411 straightens it all out for the casual reader.
  • Only in HobokenOther cities have St. Patrick’s Parades without mayhem.
  • Shocking Doggie Ding DongDogs still at risk for getting their junk charred when out on routine walks.
  • A cup of dirt to go, pleaseHoboken water filled with so much crap – you could plant a (short-lived) garden in it.
  • Perilous Pooch PredicamentsWho leaves their dog chained up outside for hours? I can see a few minutes – but c’mon!

Crime and Incidents

  • Stick up!Two men whip out their cold steel to steal moolah from Hoboken resident walking peacefully.
  • Bank Robbery!Some broad hands a note to a bank teller and walks out with $3,000. Is it really that easy?
  • Howard!In case you missed it – listen to Howard Stern talk about Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Parade Retardation.
  • Blotter UpdatesSee the Hoboken Police Blotter category to peruse the other noteworthy incidents in the Mile Square.

Business & Events

  • Mon CheriA new frozen yogurt shop takes the place of another.
  • Tilted KiltIs the new chain bar restaurant coming to Hoboken or not?
  • Johnny PepperoniThe latest Mile Square Pizza Place is getting ever so close to opening uptown!
  • Shakti Yoga!An affordable weekly yoga class over at the Monroe Center every weekend!
  • Jazzy NapoliSmooth Grooves back again this year while you eat brick oven goodness uptown.
  • Tony Q. is Clean!A new dry cleaner takes the place of another…
  • Visual Upgrade on 14thUptown drag gets dressed up a bit nicer.
  • Hollywood HypeIdle and restless? Catch a film at Clearview Cinemas!

Other Hoboken Updates

Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

– Jonathan Swift

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Very helpful inspirational quote– thanks.