Hoboken Week in Review – 3/4/2007

four-leaf-clover.gifFun controversy in the past week. Hoboken sure is a jolly good super-duper town to live in.

What were some of the notable postings in the past week?

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News, items of importance:

  • Banished – The one place for the truth gets eliminated from city computers.
  • Biased – A guy gets jumped because of his clothing choices.
  • Boats Required – Noah must be a new developer in town. Moses needed to make way for cars.

Town Government:

  • Blocked? – You ban. We find ways to un-ban.
  • Bullocks – The SW redevelopment plan more holes than a NASA screening process.
  • Council Stuff – The usual recap from the tortuous bi-weekly meeting.
  • Un-stable – Horsing around with the construction code office investigation.


  • I’m green with… – All the hype and controversy regarding the St. Patrick’s Day parade is now behind us.
  • Charitable – The Hoboken Country Club Charity throws their first event at Trinity.
  • Ha ha ha – The second not-so-annual Elks Comedy night was this past Friday. A mini-review later in the week.
  • And 100 more – The famous Lackawanna Train Terminal celebrates the big 100. Politicians on hand to commemorate and load up on positive PR pictures.

New or Coming Soon:

Doomed or closing soon:

  • Nothing officially made the doomed list this week.


  • Nothing officially reviewed this week.

Fun, Games and Miscellaneous stuff:

  • 10-4, copy that – New exclusive feature on Hoboken411. Listen to all the police and fire action in the safety of your own home.

Recent Town Incidents:

  • Incident Map – Accidents and beatings. Hmm, same stuff happened last week.

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