Hoboken police and fire blotter: 3/18/2011

Hoboken crime and fire action: March 18, 2011

Hoboken Police and Fire Action Blotter 2011 Hoboken411 Friday - Hoboken police and fire blotter: 3/18/2011

An ongoing list of various noteworthy incidents, crimes and fire-calls throughout the day for Friday, March 18, 2011. This post may be updated and “bumped” periodically.

  • 4:40pm – Careless cooking
    Burnt food in the oven at a first floor apartment at 460 8th Street sent fire engines racing through the streets of Hoboken. “Carelessness” should be a line item in the city budget.
    careless cooking 460 8th Street Hoboken NJ - Hoboken police and fire blotter: 3/18/2011
  • 2:04pm – Fire investigation
    A call came in via 911 reporting “heavy smoke conditions on the 2nd floor” of 255 4th Street. HFD arrived to find no conditions matching that description. Roads blocked off in the area while they continue the investigation.
    Fire investigation 255 4th Street Hoboken NJ March 18 2011 - Hoboken police and fire blotter: 3/18/2011
  • 1:10pm – Vehicular Pursuit – a woman!
    A Hoboken squad car attempted to pull over a Honda Accord for reckless driving (partial NJ lic. plate JBB-???) But the car refused to stop and a brief pursuit began south of 4th Street. At one point, the (white female, short blonde hair) drove on the sidewalk on Harrison St. for two blocks! Police supervisors then ordered the pursuit to stop due to the dangerous nature of the chase.
  • 2:20am – Armed Robbery
    On 3rd Street between Park & Willow, two black men, dressed in all black and with black ski masks both showed handguns when they robbed a male pedestrian. They’re described as “one shorter and stockier than the other” and made off with a set of keys, cell phone and money clip with over $400 in cash. Their whereabouts is unknown at the moment. They fled south west. The only establishment with possible video is Prime Time convenience at 305 Willow – who said a customer matching the “short & stocky” description purchased (surprisingly not robbed) something from the store around the time of the robbery. Video will not be accessible until after 8am in the morning.
  • 12:50am – Super Bon Bon
    Reports of some kind of unauthorized bon fire in the backyard of 94 Clinton Street. HFD and HPD en route.
  • 12:46am – Piss Drunk – Literally
    Hoboken Police issue summons for urinating in public at 258 1st Street.
  • 12:35am – Disruptive drunks
    In separate incidents – “man giving bouncer hard time at Bahama Mama’s and two drunks on the stoop at 813 Park “they don’t live in the building…” and finally – 10th and Hudson “group of idiots jumping on parked cars…”
  • 12:00am – Car accident with injuries
    Surprisingly – Hoboken was very quiet during the genuine (not phony) St. Patrick’s Day. Coincidentally the first major incident takes place the minute the clock strikes midnight. Many residents called in the accident which involved two moving vehicles ZFA-??? and PYV-63V as well as two parked cars.

More updates to come…

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Friday, March 18, 2011 7:19 am

How do you have a bad accident on a 25mph single lane one way road. People are idiots.

Reply to  costume
Friday, March 18, 2011 1:02 pm

I walk past that intersection daily (6th and Willow) and it’s rare to see a car traveling south under 40mph. Speeding is a serious problem in this town – I wonder how many cars need to be totaled or pedestrians stuck before HPD/City Hall starts ticketing speeding vehicles and those not obeying pedestrian rights of way?[quote comment=”204619″]How do you have a bad accident on a 25mph single lane one way road. People are idiots.[/quote]

Friday, March 18, 2011 5:58 am

What is the obsession with these people who enjoy jumping on parked cars? Appears that it’s something relatively new? Are they getting influenced by an external force? A video game? A YouTube video?

Just concerned that many of these petty criminals have not grasped the concept of the consequences for their actions. Back in the day, even low-level punks would ascertain the risks vs. rewards. My assumption is they do it for the amusement of their so-called friends with reckless abandon.

Dented high-end European luxury cars cost an arm and a leg to repair.

Plainly doesn’t make sense to me what kind of thrill is achieved by doing this. They can jump on stoops, walls, fences and plenty of other obstacles that would prove their physical prowess. Why the property of others?

Friday, March 18, 2011 12:53 am

Just walked by the car accident – looked VERY bad. Those involved are very lucky if they walked away from that. No doubt caused by at least one car driving far, far too fast through the intersection, as it seems the majority of cars in this town do.

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