Cable & Telecom options in Hoboken?

Hoboken411 reader Bill Murphy contributed this article…

Choice for Cable and Telecommunications Coming to Hoboken?

Most Hoboken411 readers see daily – the fundamental transformation in the communications industry. Everyday, more and more Americans are giving up their traditional wired lines for alternate technologies. In fact, a quarter of households have eliminated their land line service entirely. That number is most likely higher in Hoboken.

But today, our state government still regulates telecommunications like we’re in the Ma Bell era.

Bill in NJ Senate could change all that

Legislation currently in the NJ Senate would change that and bring our state into the 21st century.

The Market Competition and Consumer Choice Act is designed to reform antiquated regulations to provide our residents with beneficial competition from telecommunication and cable providers. If this bill passes, providers will no longer be able to compete on an un-level playing field to deliver their services. Consumers will have the opportunity to choose the company that best meets their needs.

Unfortunately, special interests are now spending lobbyist money to advocate for this bill’s failure. They are currently running ads targeting vulnerable groups like senior citizens and spreading misinformation about the language of the bill.

Anyone who takes the time to read the bill will see that basic phone service will NOT be eliminated, rates will NOT go up and local access channels will NOT be eliminated.

Our Assemblyman, Ruben Ramos, co-sponsored this bill in the Assembly where it passed 66-7. It has strong bi-partisan support from around the state and strong support in Hudson County.

Next time you see an advertisement for a bill that leads NJ into the new century, remember special interests have much to lose when they have competition.

Bill Murphy is a consultant working for Americans for Tax Reform (ATR).

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