Hair I Am

Another clever name.


Description – Barber
Address – 461 5th St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-2641
Telephone – (201) 795-9077

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October 2006

Finding a barber that you can count on for a quality haircut can be just as important as finding an auto mechanic that you can trust. Pasquale, a neighborhood fixture and cheerful proprietor of Hair I Am, has been providing excellent & reasonably priced haircuts out of this location for the past 13 years. As you can see from the sign, you can’t beat these prices!
The unassuming shop, reminiscent of a Hoboken gone by and aptly adorned with various Sinatra, Yankees & Boxing photos, provides haircuts for men, women & children.
Since this is strictly a walk-in business there are no appointments necessary. Pasquale’s efficient and expert clip handling skills ensure that even if there is a waiting line, it will not be for long.

If you’re looking for a top notch haircut and friendly service without paying steep Salon prices, this is the place. Just ask Arturo Gatti, Paulie Walnuts or Joe Torre.

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Most definitely.. Best haircut in Hoboken, in my opinion.. 🙂

British Hairways
British Hairways

I agree with this review, Pasquale is great. Real nice friendly guy, gives good haircuts at reasonable prices. Always an enjoyable visit.