The Sounds of Hoboken


How Hoboken sounds during the day…

You’d think that on a weekday in Hoboken, that things might quiet down just a little. Completely the opposite!

There is so much “industrial” activity going on in the Mile Square, one might consider wearing ear plugs to preserve their hearing!

Non-stop noise!

In just one afternoon walk uptown with the Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar – we picked up the following heavy-duty events:

  • What first got my attention was the hammering of the retaining walls that Hudson County is installing for the “waterfront cove” at 1600 Park north of 15th Street. Along Garden Street especially, the buildings created a “sound tunnel” effect, that was louder than being close by. Interesting fact: Those retaining walls are pounded 35 feet into the earth, and as workers said “so no more of Hoboken collapses into the river.”
  • Work is happening at a frenetic pace at the 1450 Washington Street project that Toll Brothers is building. Construction started back in August of 2010, and should be complete in 2012. (If the Mayans are wrong.)
  • Many uptown folks have “new born migraines” these days because of the “explosive” repair of the collapsed waterfront on Sinatra Drive (most inaccurately call it a sinkhole – it’s not).
  • Other sounds you’ll hear daily are: Various construction vehicles churning, humming and beeping; delivery trucks with loud diesel engines they leave running for extended periods of time; and of course Mr. Softeewho plays that song over and over and over…

PS – if anyone would like the mp3 version of this – so you can sleep better while traveling to quiet locales – feel free to request one via email!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 12:26 pm

Is the noise of working people upsetting to all you people sleeping in and blogging at the coffee shop? Oh my, will atrocities never cease!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 10:19 pm

Nice video. Boy, it must be loud in Hoboken during the day. While playing this video I noticed my dog looked attentive but stressed out. I realized his hearing is probably good enough that he has to listen to these sounds all day long!

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