Snow survived December to March!


Good riddance Hoboken snow of 2010 / 2011!

Never thought I’d say that I’m happy all the snow is essentially gone from our current winter. One benefit of having such cruddy conditions for so long is, that when it all melted – everything around seemed so spacious!

Here were the results from the “when will it melt?” poll. Congrats to those who picked correctly!

[poll id=”146″]

Now – we just have to deal with potential flooding!

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If we get a lot of April Fool’s Day snow on Friday we’ll have piles in April.


I had a tiny bit of snow in the corner of my backyard up until Monday. It wasn’t a pile. It was actually the remnants of a snow drift that was in a shady area. Here’s a photo:

There’s still a big pile in the parking lot where Enterprise Rental used to be, too.