Hoboken “Roof Box” Entrepreneurs


Hoboken resident picks a niche to fill – Car Roof Boxes

Hoboken residents (and Hoboken411 readers) Aaron Wessner and his wife recently launched a local business here in town.

Short term rentals without the storage hassle

[box size=small color=blue type=quote align=right]Considering purchasing a cargo box, but have no where store it? …problem solved.[/box] The Wessner family came up with the idea back in 2010, when they were packing the car for their first Jersey Shore vacation with their baby girl realizing “Wow, kids need a lot of stuff.” And instead of renting an SUV, the family decided to find a place to rent one of those rooftop cargo boxes (like the Yakima Rocketbox series of products.)

Unable to find anyone in the area who rents these boxes – he had to buy one instead – and quickly realized a void existed in the market – and started www.roofboxtogo.com hoping others would be in the same situation.

“RoofBoxToGo” rents automobile rooftop cargo boxes and roof rack crossbars on a daily or weekly basis, and is perfect for those that may have only infrequent needs or the lack of space here in Hoboken.

Aaron said, “We’re excited about our Hoboken focus and believe the active people of this town will benefit from rental access to these practical products. In addition to families, our target customers include anyone going on a road trip (skiing, camping, beach, etc.)”

Costs for SUV’s with roof rails start at $12 a day – or $50 a week. Optional rails are also available for standard cars.

Again their website is Roof Box To Go – or you can find them on Facebook as well.

Let’s wish the Wessner’s good luck with their new endeavor!

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If I bought one — where’d it store it in my 500 sq. ft. apartment. I’d definitely rent one, though — great idea.


Excellent idea – thinking inside the box. I always thought those things were great but never even thought of buying one. But renting one… yeh, I can see that happening. I could see you exanding into other rentals like bike racks, car seats and things of that nature. I’m sure you have already thought of that. All the best!