Paul Vincent Gallery presents: Laura Gravenstine


Reminder – Gallery opens tomorrow!

Artist Laura Gravenstine at Paul Vincent Gallery in Hoboken

You’re invited to Paul Vincent Gallery on Sunday March 13, 2011 from 3pm-7pm to view local artist Laura Gravenstine and her solo show “The Flow of Life.”

Laura Gravenstine at Paul Vincent Gallery Hoboken NJ March 13 2011 - Paul Vincent Gallery presents: Laura Gravenstine

“My work explores the interconnectivity between the resilience and fragility of Life, and speaks of our acceptance of death, concept of value, and humanity’s desire to find a meaningful existence. My initial process begins with the organic.. human hair, berries, individuals, and items found outdoors. I retain the beauty of the original medium by using it as a material, but also interject form, line, and subject matter, which reiterates the idea of global cultural fusion and awareness.”

Laura Gravenstine graduated with her BFA in Fine Art from William Paterson University in 2009. Since graduating Laura has chosen to use her talents, skills, and knowledge as a sculptor, painter, and materials expert to explore the 3D medium of life casting, and experiment with non-traditional materials such as hair and fruit as a vehicle for her 2D creations.

Her show, “The Flow of Life”, is about humanity’s contemporary evolution of mind and spirit, with a contemplative perspective of an individual connection to one’s global environment, melding cultures, and fusion of the natural world with humanity’s calculating intentions.

Laura currently lives in Weehawken, NJ and has an art practice in Hoboken. Over the past 2 years she has developed a business as a free-lance life caster and mold maker. Laura is the Life Casting instructor for The Compleat Sculptor in Soho, and has exhibited her work in both New York and New Jersey, including Puffin Foundation, A.I.R., and Studio Montclair. Most recently, Laura has produced castings for Christopher Walken’s “A Behanding in Spokane”, “Angels in America”, & the new “Macbeth” which opens in March.

The Paul Vincent Gallery is committed to bringing high quality art and entertainment to the city of Hoboken and its surrounding areas. They strive to continue building a community of people who celebrate culture and excellence in the arts. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosts figure drawing sessions every Tuesday night, open jam sessions/open mics, and opens its faciltiy to be rented for special private events. The space is close to 2000sqft. and is located at 49 Harrison Street, Hoboken NJ 07030.

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