Hoboken Nighttime Nuggets – 3/9/2011


A couple of assorted Hoboken-related updates for tonight…

Bad boys, bad boys – whatcha gonna do?

On my nightly “Coffee & Oscar” run about an hour ago, a “Cops” style bust at the intersection of 10th & Washington… A few unmarked cars, NJ Transit & Hoboken Police rounded up what we can assume were “bad boys” – and arrests were made.

Hopefully it was at least some of the criminals that have been burglarizing residents as of late.

411 in the news AGAIN!

Well, Hoboken411 was mentioned again for the 2nd day in a row on Howard Stern today – as they talked about how the parade was (supposedly) moved to Wednesday of next year.

But wait, there’s more!

411 was also tonight’s Pick-3 number in the NJ Lottery drawing. It paid $205.50 straight, $68.50 box, and $20.50 pair. Reader Vinnie tipped me off on that one… I don’t normally play this game – but if I have a dollar pocket change when I’m at the convenience store I might pick one up. The last time I bought a Pick-3 ticket was on February 3rd – and you guessed it – I played “411!” Wah Wahhhh!

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The quality of this night photo is exceptional – the color, the way you’ve captured both stillness and movement, the sense of action. I admire your work, Hoboken411!