Homemade Pizza Company – Doomed

HomeMade Pizza Co. goes belly up in less than a year in Hoboken

3/16/2012 Update:

Hoboken411 reader Sean said that the HomeMade Pizza Co. at 213 Washington Street went out of business today – “all closed up.”

Just the low-carb revolution (and lazy Americans) is gaining steam!

HomeMade Pizza Co. Opens today in Hoboken


In case you want to dust the cobwebs off your oven at home – HomeMade Pizza Co. opens today at 213 Washington St. Meet the owner, get free samples, and all that Jazz. 4pm.

Homemade Pizza Co opens Hoboken New Jersey - Homemade Pizza Company - Doomed

Homemade Pizza Company coming to Hoboken

Hoboken411 reader Jeff sent this tip in – that the Homemade Pizza Company is coming to Hoboken!

It will take the place of the One Stop Laundromat at 213 Washington Street.

Homemade Pizza Company coming to Hoboken NJ - Homemade Pizza Company - Doomed

The HomeMade Pizza Co. Story

[box size=small color=blue type=quote align=left]Months of taste testing conducted by the toughest critics on the planet: our friends.[/box]
“Back when HomeMade Pizza Co. was just a thought scribbled on a napkin, most people had never heard of bake-at-home pizza. But it seemed like a good idea to us: really delicious pizza that bakes up in minutes, fresh from your own oven. What’s not to like?

So in 1997 we set out to do it right, using all-natural ingredients and a dough recipe rolled out over months of taste testing conducted by the toughest critics on the planet: our friends.

Once we finally opened, those who gave us a try really seemed to connect with HomeMade. And with every new neighborhood came more friends looking for quick, easy, amazing dinners. Along the way, we added fresh salads and mouthwatering desserts… and suddenly, here we are.”

They’re located in five states – plus Washington D.C.

Description: HomeMade Pizza Co. sells pre-prepared, ready to bake pizza – along with salads, cookies and ice cream.
Address: 213 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website: Homemadepizza.com
Phone: TBD

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Friday, May 6, 2011 9:01 am

They were giving out slices yesterday.

Friday, May 6, 2011 8:22 am

A huge component to a great tasting pizza is a 750 degree pizza oven or a special brick oven. You can’t get that at home.

4th Ward Guardian
4th Ward Guardian
Thursday, May 5, 2011 10:43 pm

This concept smells of trust fund babies with too much time on their hands testing wacky ideas in the marketplace. Why would I want to get off the PATH, walk up the avenue to this place, order large, oddly shaped raw food that I have to then carry home to the 4th Ward where I have to turn on and warm up my oven and cook it before I can eat it?

How about I get off the PATH, order a pizza, walk home and get there two minutes before the deliveryman hands me a nice, piping hot pie for the same price? I’m with joey on this one. DOOMED.

the rayman
the rayman
Thursday, May 5, 2011 9:49 pm

I like the menu design and the delivery truck, but pizza is what you order when you DON’T want to cook!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011 2:05 pm

SPACE for RENT……..

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