Water Cooler – 2/28/2007

water cooler people - Water Cooler - 2/28/2007More randomly selected comments from the past 7 days. And as an FYI, updates are slow today because I’m transitioning to a dopey Window Vista system, and it’s a painful process. I should have stuck with XP or bought a Mac.

So, what were people saying in the last week?

  • Reader Mail: Hoboken’s Finest
    SarahC says: “If we paid people what they’re “worth”, school teachers (good ones, anyway) would be making $300K and Paris Hilton would be panhandling outside CVS.”
  • and….
    NickAdams says: “The Hoboken of a few years in the future is going to be one huge parking lot, (but in a Twilight Zone like way, there will be no actual parking).”

  • Hoboken in the 1970’s
    Red Haven says: “The people who live in Marineview did not design the ugly building. You can blame Mayor DiPascale and his “Urban Renewal” bandits for that.”
  • Turning Point – Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch
    chrisjur says: “Can’t wait for it to come to Hoboken….”
  • Garden of Eden issues
    BloomRes says: “Just goes to show you what a little community action can achieve.”
  • Bagels On The Hudson
    ahobokenguy says: “THIS PLACE IS THE PITS. They offer delivery and it took over 2 hours for our sandwiches to show up!”
  • Four L’s
    homeworld says: “I liked Dippers. No more cheese fries at Mikie Sqrd..”
  • SW Re-development Plan
    DARN says: “I plan on voting them out, I wish I had more than one vote though.”

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