Crepe Grill needs some sprucing up!


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Art may be the only way to help Crepe Grill in Hoboken

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Little Guys lost in the waterfront debacle

While the City of Hoboken touts bike lane paint, prescription discount trickery, and ignoring the legal speed limit – it’s no joke that a good portion of our waterfront has been collapsing over the years.

From the most recent roadway collapse on Sinatra Drive uptown – to the soccer field at Sinatra Park crumbling into the Hudson – and other dangerous conditions – the Hoboken coast has a long way to go to get back on track. (Wait a minute – maybe it’s Frank’s ghost coming back to haunt the town he couldn’t wait to leave? Hmm…)

Regardless, what is often overlooked – are the businesses that suffer as a result of being near the respective “ground zero” of the flailing Hoboken waterfront. LUA is down for the count uptown, and the poor guys over at Crepe Grill have been suffering as well. They’ve had to endure that collapse – the construction of Pier C Park which cut back on pedestrian traffic and more.

The owners of Crepe Grill are apparently being given the cold shoulder by the city from who they lease the building from. Besides the economic setbacks caused by the lack of pedestrians over the past couple years, they’ve also had to endure the fact that the building itself is a dump (falling apart, leaking, etc.) They’ve attended many Hoboken City Council meetings over the past couple months – and have made zero progress seeking some kind of restitution from City Hall.

Such a shame no one will help them.

Today’s Hoboken Digital Art entry is dedicated to the Crepe Grill.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011 10:54 pm

Once they demolish this building to reorient the new soccer field they won’t need to worry anymore.

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