Water Jugs for Hoboken EMS

A message from the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, which responds to over 5000 emergency 911 calls a year in Hoboken without ever charging a patient or getting personal compensation:

Can you please tell Hobokenites with clean empty water gallon jugs or coffee cans to bring them this week to HVAC headquarters on Tuesday instead of putting them out for recycling? The best time will be about 7pm when the shift changes, because they are most likely to have a crew in the building then, rather than out on a call.

We will be making up donation jugs to leave in the bars before the parade and will pick them up after the parade. If anyone can help drop off the jugs at the bars on Thursday or Friday, that would also be a big help.

Thank you!

Elaine Lippman
Fundraising Committee & Active Member EMT Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Hoboken EMS

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