Will fight (and pay) to get laptop back!


Will this ever work?

Speaking of all the Hoboken burglaries and recent crime around town. One Hoboken411 reader who had his laptop stolen recently has come up with a highly unusual way to try and get it back… Read on…

Reward (and fight) for return of Hoboken laptop

“On March 2nd, my apartment in Hoboken was burglarized. “Luckily” the only item of note stolen was my cute little Dell netbook I used for travel/basic email/word processing stuff.

I’d like to offer $1,000 cash reward for the safe return of the netbook (I bought it for $300), with the following conditions:

  1. The “person” who robbed me must return it safe and sound
  2. I agree not to press charges, and he or she must agree not to press charges
  3. This “person” must step into “the ring” with me for 10 minutes. No weapons, no help – just this “person” and me.

I don’t expect him or her to respond, but I’ve found from the police that these “snatch and grabs” are fairly common in Hoboken. Hopefully this outlandish offer will build awareness for folks in Hoboken and elsewhere regarding this annoying “snatch and grab” issue.”

Click here to email “Charlie Scene” – if you want to take him up on his offer.

411 Note: I told this reader – that a fight like this is probably illegal – even if they agree not to press charges. I suggested that proper legal waivers would be required – and a real venue (i.e., boxing ring, etc.) However – while he has his doubts whether the criminal will even respond – he is more than willing to make proper, lawful arrangements to fulfill his offer.

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Rosewood Ghosts
Rosewood Ghosts

As a Hoboken resident who has been a recent victim of both an apartment burglary and an auto theft, I hope you beat that crooked mofo’s ass.


Before you put the boxing gloves on soak your wrapped hands in water. And do a favor for me when you knock him down give him a good kick for me, he’s a stand in for the bastard that stole my wallet.


What liability? The laptop owner is simply challenging the thief to a sporting match. Sounds like a good time for all.


You may be opening yourself up to legal liability by facilitating this testosterone-laden idiocy.