Harlow – Mixed-Use Development Coming

Spring is here – Willow14 (Harlow) work resumes in Hoboken

Well – after a brutal (and odor-free) winter, work has resumed at the Willow14 Project (now called “Harlow”) uptown. Gotta love that “prop” (an environmental air-tester) they have posted outside the work zone. I wonder what it would say if it could (honestly) speak?

Regardless – this, along with many other blocks in Hoboken, is truly changing the “landscape” of the once quaint city. When we crack 100,000 residents – will the existing woes remain the same, or will we have new “super-sized” problems to deal with? (like parts of the city simply sinking underground?)

PS – time to get a real estate (or insurance) license, right?

Willow14 Work continues hoboken NJ

Willow14 (Harlow) – Are they on hiatus?

3/12/2014 Update:

A lot of people have been asking – with the absence of “real work” going on here at the Willow14 project – is it doomed? Or just on break due to the unfavorable weather conditions this winter?

Regardless, many have expressed {temporary} sighs of relief, as the toxic smells seem to have subsided (for now.)

Willow14 project stalled Hoboken NJ

Odor continues at Willow14

5/6/2013 Update:

Over 150 people in the area of 14th & Willow have favored the internet page dedicated to getting to the bottom of the situation regarding the Willow14 project.

5th Ward “Councilman” Peter Cunningham, along with other so-called officials will be holding a meeting at Carpe Diem (14th & Grand) tonight at 7pm, if you’re interested in hearing their spin what they have to say.

Willow14 concerns remain in Hoboken NJ

Stop Willow 14 group struggles to get answers

Concerned citizens have a contrary stance to the official position, and will also have a future meeting on what actionable steps can be taken:

“The Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) overseeing the cleanup, Juan Salguero, advised that this site hit a water line and have been pumping and storing petroleum contaminated water at the site causing even more odors than ever if that is even possible. This resulted in a Mack-truck sized container of smelly contaminated water (uncovered) sitting on 1300 Clinton Street (not the developer property even) for at least a month. Despite complaints to the DEP and the City, nothing was down about it. The Hoboken Health Commissioner Frank Sasso even said it didn’t smell, except for a slight “moth ball” odor.

I have asked Peter Cunningham these questions and have received no response…

  1. Can you please explain to me and supporters of the Stop Willow 14 online facebook community why the above was allowed without one fine and why the odors of the past 2 yrs go on without 1 odor nuisance issued?
  2. Please explain what you plan to do to help the over 155 voters / supporters of the online community to fine this site and stop the smells?
  3. Please explain to me why you are hosting meetings with the developers vs. one without them to discuss what you plan to do against them? Clearly meeting with them is not the solution. You tried that well over a year ago and we have inhaled toxic fumes ever since.
  4. Why do so many people in the community smell the odors and yet you, the DEP, and city officials fail to do so year in and year out?

I honestly believe the actions (or better said, lack there of) of the City, Health Officials (so counter to what the people are experiencing) should be investigated by the FBI or other proper authorities. I am looking into who to call to file a formal complaint.

Lastly, the DEP has said in a statement that we will have to experience these odors for another year. I don’t understand how that is acceptable.

Peter Cunningham’s love fest with the developers tonight is just more hard evidence showing his lack of willingness to fight for the citizens to stop the odor complaints.

I won’t even go into the host of other issues – like the construction vehicles that get endless free reign to park in the Rite Aid parking lot and on our streets, while residents get trapped in by their cars and must adhere to parking rules that Willow14 is “magically” immune to.

Our fight to stop the toxic smells from Willow 14 continues. Thus far, we have lost at every single step of the way. But, hopefully, with the rise of Stop Willow 14, Peter Cunningham will begin to realize he is out-numbered and will take action – if not motivated by the citizens right to breathe, perhaps better motivated by his need to save his skin come re-election. After all, Stop Willow 14 has more LIKES than he does. He should work for the people, not against them!

PS – A team of pro-Stop Willow 14 people plans to have their own meeting. The meeting will be about what to do about Peter Cunningham, the Hudson Regional Health Commission, etc. people who refuse to help us and have, in fact, proven to be against us. If necessary, we will file whatever complaint is needed with proper officials to look into why they year in and year out are FAILING to acknowledge any odor and refuse to issue an odor violation when 155 LIKE a site solely dedicated to this cause. It doesn’t make sense. The disconnect is discerning at best. Will keep you posted on that meeting.”

Willow14 projects gets more “toxic” complaints in Hoboken, NJ

3/20/2013 Update:

Yesterday morning, residents in the area of the Willow14 project uptown had concerns once again. This time it was believed to be a “spill” of some kind. The residents called all over – including the NJDEP, who contacted Hoboken police.

“Safe environmental clean-up? Yeah, right. Willow14 dumps their toxic soil right onto our streets while the Hoboken police sit there protecting them and the foul toxic smells are back with a vengeance,” said one resident.

Toxic mess at Willow14 in Hoboken NJ

Complaints from residents about Willow14 go unsolved

Upset that their homes which border this project still stink, they redirect some of their anger at “officials” in Hoboken: “Why do Peter Cunningham and the Council refuse to do anything about this, and it goes on for years?! It is time for new leadership. It is time for them to issue a token fine at the very least. Or, how about we take that soil and dump it in front of City Hall and in front of the homes of the people who have the elected responsibility to protect the citizens but don’t.”

Hoboken police who were dispatched to the scene on behalf of the EPA apparently said nothing wrong was going on – which has been the city’s response to each instance, despite the pleas from residents who say they’re getting sick.

A big conspiracy? Back room deals to look the other way? Or perfectly safe and clean? You decide.

Toxic mess at Willow14 in Hoboken NJ

Willow14 complaints continue; smell and noise unbearable

12/4/2012 Update:

Residents who live near the Willow14 construction site are apparently getting fed up. It’s been about six months since the last update for this project here on Hoboken411, however – area neighbors tell us it’s been an ongoing frustration all year long.

One neighbor wrote: “There is an EXTREME amount of gasoline in the air coming out of the TOXIC construction site at Willow Ave & 14th Street. One CANNOT stand in the Rite Aid Parking Lot at this moment without coughing / being COMPLETELY overwhelmed by this smell. This nightmare has been going on for years and now that they have dug even deeper into the tanks. MY HOME (1300 Clinton Street) is completely FILLED with toxins as is my neighbors. WE ARE ABSOLUTELY SICK of and LITERALLY SICK FROM THIS! Is there anyone willing to address this?”

And they challenged every single Hoboken politician personally: “I challenge Hoboken politicians to come to this parking lot with their families and pets RIGHT NOW and look the residents of 1300 Clinton in the eyes and say “this is acceptable for Hoboken residents.” We, the residents of 1300 Clinton are here waiting. Show up and do your jobs!”

Willow14 Construction Site angering Hoboken NJ residents

The residents are not only dealing with the noxious smell, but unreasonable construction start times as well.

“In addition to the horrible, obnoxious, and overwhelming gas smells being caused by and coming from the construction site at Willow & 14th, they had the nerve to start working and running their very loud equipment at 6-something this morning. After sleeping through about an hour of it and being too tired to get up and call the police, I just called to complain about it a little before 7am. The police officer said that others had called to complain as well. I believe that the town noise ordinance says they are not allowed to starting running big, heavy machines like that until 8am. The developers are really isolating people in the community. I can’t imagine who will want to live in their “built-on-a-smelly-gas-station” building if/when it ever gets done in maybe 2015?”

Willow14 neighbors create Facebook page to “like”

5/31/2012 update:

In case you’re wondering – the neighbors of the Willow14 project have created a Facebook page for “like minded” Hoboken residents who are sick of the smells emanating from the construction / remediation zone.

“If you are frustrated by the unhealthy cesspool that is Willow14 and are concerned about your health, please “like” the Facebook page to show your support and find out what you can do to take your health and neighborhood back!”


Willow14 Update Hoboken NJ

Letter: Willow14 still stinks – please do something!

5/21/2012 update:

One Hoboken resident who lives near the Willow14 “remediation” site is desperate for this “toxic” situation to be looked at, and hopes that others that share that sentiment reach out to all the authorities and agencies to get some action.

Toxic Hoboken Willow 14“The smell is 24/7. It simply smells like toxic chemicals.

I have lived here 7 years and I can tell you something is very wrong with the air since this started. One time several months ago about half a dozen residents complained about the horrible smell to an environmental officer who showed up, and he claimed “he couldn’t smell anything.” No one will test the air or post results to my knowledge. You simply need to walk anywhere in the vicinity and breath in to know something is very wrong. It is in no way good for anyone’s health. I can barely walk to the bus without intensely coughing as soon as I try to breathe in the air. My sister has constant headaches since this began.

No one cares – the Hoboken police protect the site daily; the councilman threw a “love fest” with the developers and the community as if knowing shops are coming would make us feel bad about living amongst a toxic waste ground and breathing in toxic air. No one cares and no one will stop it, but hoping others will chip in and jack up the complaint volume if they care enough about their health.

They have stopped worked at ungoldly hours, but when they do work the apts in 1300 Clinton shake as if it was an earthquake. I no longer need to set my alarm. I just wait for the drilling to shake me awake. I could live with that if someone would just do something about the toxic air.

The community was told re-mediation would end in April. Clearly that is not the case. We’re owed some sort of environmental report to our mailboxes on the toxic levels in the air and when this will be stopped. But I have zero faith that any of our local politicians will help any more.”

Willow 14 construction smells in Hoboken NJ Advance Realty

Who to call about potential Hoboken Health Hazards

If you are also frustrated by the lack of any reasonable action or response – here are some places you can call:

  • NJ Department of Health Complaint Hotline (open 24/7): 877.927.6337
  • NJ Air Enforcement Office: 973.656.4444
  • NJ State Health Department: 609.292.7834 OR 800.367.6543
  • NJ County Health Department: 201.223.1133
  • Hoboken Health Department: 201.420.2375

Good luck!

Community Meeting regarding uptown construction tonight at 7pm

12/12/2011 Update:

Whether or not you’re one of the area residents affected by the construction noises & smells near the Willow14 Condo Development and the 14th St. Viaduct Rehabilitation Project – you might still be interested in a “community meeting” the Hudson Regional Health Commission is holding tonight.

Head over to the Fox Hills Gardens senior building just to the south of the uptown Rite Aid on 13th & Willow at 7pm.

Some residents are concerned that this “public outreach” meeting will be nothing more than a glossy PR type propaganda session. They are worried that regardless of what they’re told is “OK,” that they’re still getting headaches, coughing and experiencing other health-related symptoms from what they believe is coming from the construction zones.

Advance Realty responds to concerns of Hoboken residents

12/1/2011 Update:

To ensure that residents don’t feel left out in the cold, Advance Realty (developer of Willow 14) sent this release out which addresses the concerns of their new neighbors:

“Advance Realty is aware of the concerns that neighbors have voiced about the construction noise and odor related to the environmental remediation process currently taking place on the property at 14th and Willow streets in Hoboken. We understand these concerns, and are working diligently to minimize the impact to the surrounding community as we take on this extensive remediation effort.”

Willow 14 Retail Shopping Plaza in Hoboken NJ

“Advance Realty is working in strict compliance and accordance with New Jersey Department Environmental Protection (NJDEP) remediation standards. That said, we take the quality-of-life concerns of our neighbors very seriously, and are implementing a list of additional mitigation steps in order to reduce the impact on the community:

  • We are promptly removing impacted soil from the site
  • We are mitigating odor produced by using a substance called odor encapsulation foam. We are adding a second foaming machine to act as a backup in case the first machine malfunctions and to act as a supplementary foaming operation.
  • The encapsulation foam used to date has a winter green scent; going forward, different scents will be tried and monitored for perceived odor improvement
  • The site will be graded and a layer of cement will be added to the exposed surface of the site to seal off odors emanating from the surface soils
  • Will be evaluating any other practical means to address these concerns and will notify local officials of our progress.

One point of clarification: With the exception of one Saturday in November, our site contractors have not conducted any work on the site outside of the permissible work hours of Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. There are other ongoing construction activities around the Willow14 site, not related to our project, which may be contributing to the noise outside of those permissible work hours.”

Willow 14 Hoboken NJ site elevation diagram

“Advance Realty is on track to commence the vertical construction phase of the project in 2012, and we look forward to delivering a first-class mixed-use development that Hoboken will be proud of in 2014.

For more information on the remediation effort currently underway, visit www.willow14.com

Hoboken residents concerned about 14th & Willow construction site

11/29/2011 Update:

Hoboken Letters to the Editor Hoboken411Many area residents are expressing their concerns about their quality of life near the Willow 14 construction site – so much so that they’ve reached out to the Mayor’s office and all the media outlets. Let’s see if anyone responds.

“The 14th Street Willow construction site is getting worse. You can smell the toxic gas smell 24/7 from blocks away and now they have started jack-hammering at 7am on Mo-Sun including this morning.

Everyone in The Metropolitan is upset, getting headaches, and feeling sick and we’re looking to take action, getting any media support we can. All you need to do is walk by to see what we’re talking about. We are residents of this city paying high rents and we don’t deserve this noise and health violations. We will not stop fighting the corruption until the smell is gone and the noise is stopped and will sue the city/state/development company if we have to do so. They are simply poisoning us to death.”

411 Note: Word on the street is that this project could be suffering somewhat, and may never move forward other than the site remediation which was apparently already funded. More on that as it becomes available.

Willow and 14th in Hoboken NJ

14th & Willow – “Stinkhole” is the new sinkhole in Hoboken

11/9/2011 Update:

Hoboken411 has received dozens of emails from residents saying the smell coming from the 14th & Willow Ave. area has become unbearable.

This is the site of the upcoming “Willow 14” Mixed-use real estate development project. And part of this project is site remediation and environmental cleanup.

But wow, does it stink!

Hoboken Stink Hole 14 and Willow NJ

New development at 14th & Willow in Hoboken

10/19/2011 Update:

Many residents new to Hoboken have been asking about what’s going on at this spot at 14th & Willow uptown as of late.

This update is to get everyone up to speed with the future plans at this site…

Willow 14 development in Hoboken NJ from Advance Realty

Advance Realty Enters Hoboken Market – More condos & shops

Cleanup begins this month – “vertical construction” within a year…

…Featuring 140 Luxury Apartments and 22,000 Square Feet of Retail Space, Building Will Transform Formerly Underutilized Site

Advance Realty, a leading Northeast U.S. owner and developer of mixed-use, multi-family, and Class A office properties, today unveiled its plans for Advance’s first Hoboken development project, Willow14, a dynamic, mixed-use luxury rental building located at 14th Street and Willow Avenue in Hoboken, NJ.

Willow 14 Construction Hoboken New Jersey

After recently closing on this one-acre property, Advance announced that Willow14 will consist of 140 luxury apartments, 22,000 square feet of retail space, and 387 parking spaces below grade on the site, which is currently underutilized and in need of environmental remediation. Additionally, Advance intends to pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for the development.

Advance will begin a massive clean up of the site this month, and anticipates that vertical construction of the building will begin within the year, with the goal of having the building ready for occupancy by end of 2013.

“Advance has studied the Hoboken market for many years, and we felt that the timing was right to move forward on the development of a dynamic, new apartment and retail building,” stated Kevin Tartaglione, Sr. Vice President and COO of Development of Advance Realty. “This project has come to fruition because the market is currently demanding a high-end, energy efficient and centrally located rental building across from New York City that allows residents to live a vibrant lifestyle with convenient access to shopping and dining.”

A seven-story design, Willow14 will be among the most luxurious and healthy places to live and work in the region. The building will feature high-end amenities, as well as state-of-the-art, energy efficiency technology in order to achieve LEED certification.

Willow14 was recently selected as by the Hudson County Planning Board as a recipient of a 2011 Smart Growth Award, which recognizes sites that preserve existing resources and repair damaged systems; sites that include affordable housing and workforce housing; and sites that are walkable and promote public transportation.

In addition to offering some of the most sumptuous apartments on the Hudson Gold Coast, the residential portion of the development will feature spectacular amenities, including on-site retail, a pool, terraces, vegetative green roofs and a spacious community center.

The building will also feature 387 below grade parking spaces — approximately four parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of retail space. In addition to providing users of the retail space with dedicated parking, Willow14 will make parking available to local residents and visitors.

The development of Willow14 will add to the vibrant, 24/7 atmosphere that permeates the historic streets of Hoboken, which are filled with quaint boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and bars.

Hoboken is situated on the Hudson River waterfront, across from Manhattan, providing residents with the opportunity to indulge in the area’s incredible cultural and entertainment offerings. With the Manhattan ferry and PATH nearby, getting to and from New York City will be extremely convenient for residents and shoppers.

“As both the residential and retail markets continue to pick up steam, we expect interest in Willow14 to be extremely high,” Tartaglione said. “There is currently nothing else like this being developed in Hoboken. Offering unparalleled amenities and convenience, the project will attract renters and retailers who understand the value of living and working in a mixed-use atmosphere.”

Retailers interested in leasing opportunities at Willow14 should contact Rich Schultz of RSAUG at 201-533-9101 or rschultz@rsaug.com.

About Advance Realty

Headquartered in Bedminster, N.J., Advance Realty is an owner and developer of office, flex, industrial, retail and multifamily properties. With 4.5 million square feet of operating properties and a development portfolio consisting of 6 million square feet of commercial projects and 6,500 residential units, Advance is one of the leading real estate owners in the Northeast. For more information, call Advance Realty at (908)-719-3000 or visit www.advancerealtygroup.com.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014 12:40 pm

They are dealing with alot of water coming from the ground up because they went too deep

Monday, May 6, 2013 6:04 pm

I spoke to a worker who said there is water entering he claims its not a water main but it is the Hudson river flowing through crack in the new foundation from pressure. He also said that the local inspectors never do inspection in large projects. The company hires a engineer firm to sign off on all work an inspection. Maybe Peter should send one of the building inspectors to pay a visit and do a inspection. ( he smiled and said you did not hear it from me.)

Reply to  adamview2
Wednesday, May 8, 2013 8:35 am

I don’t think the local Hoboken inspectors EVER do inspections. I’m sure it’s in their job description to do them, but after seeing a lot of what was “approved” in recent construction over the last 20 years they either don’t know what they’re doing, have been/are taking bribes to look the other day, or it’s a no-show job.

In my building alone, it’s mind boggling what was incorrectly done. [quote comment=”220669″]I spoke to a worker who said there is water entering he claims its not a water main but it is the Hudson river flowing through crack in the new foundation from pressure. He also said that the local inspectors never do inspection in large projects. The company hires a engineer firm to sign off on all work an inspection. Maybe Peter should send one of the building inspectors to pay a visit and do a inspection. ( he smiled and said you did not hear it from me.)[/quote]

Monday, May 6, 2013 2:23 pm

Peter Cunningham is an absolute joke. He never responds to emails sent from residents about any topic. It’s incredibly rude.

Reply to  vivaClinton
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 8:30 pm

VivaC, Cunningham serves Zimmer not the people of Hoboken. The Council is not held accountable for tracking or responding to any communications. If you bring up an issue they will say no one has complained – yet they ignore you and then they say they discussed it with no one because they can’t bring up every issue.

A go around is to create a public record through attending a Council meeting. If it is a polie matter a police report or if legal a legal filing. [quote comment=”220660″]Peter Cunningham is an absolute joke. He never responds to emails sent from residents about any topic. It’s incredibly rude.[/quote]

Monday, May 6, 2013 1:27 pm

Before that site was a Getty gas station, it was a former gas processing site, of course it’s going to smell like gas when they excavate the ground. Did these people not do any due diligence before moving in across the street?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 10:54 am

Only way to get Pete’s attention is to block the cross walk he normally parks in…you’ll definitely get his attention then.

Reply to  HomeTeam
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 8:24 pm

Good one HomeTeam! Or confront him on parking his dog on a kids playground fence.[quote comment=”219943″]Only way to get Pete’s attention is to block the cross walk he normally parks in…you’ll definitely get his attention then.[/quote]

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