Wet snow makes juveniles nutty

Too many to report individually, however, there have been multiple incidents involving juveniles recklessly throwing snowballs in Hoboken. At windows, moving cars, PEOPLE. One guy got hit in the face last night, people complaining about their windows are getting hit, and right now, there’s a group of about 10 kids by the High School pegging passing cars.

Hey, when I was a kid, I just aimed at distant trees or something to test my pitching arm for accuracy, or we had organized snowball fights amongst groups of friends. These kids, however, seem to be testing the criminal skills for future use.

Here’s more fun you can have with snow!


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[quote comment=”15029″]I guess this fits in with the conversation today:(see photo in post 30)>[/quote]

H411, very funny. If only the world were so straightforward in speech.

Let’s all click our heels 3 times to make this possible.


Good one, 411! 😀


LOL-SarahC! 😆


[quote comment=”15011″][quote comment=”15007″]
Also available: universal TV killer. Handy for snapping off bar-room TVs from a distance. Perfect for those ‘ohmygodit’s…’ moments. Click and revel in the ensuing chaos.

It’s evil. I love it. :twisted:[/quote]

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