100 Years – Hoboken Terminal

This past Friday, there was a centennial celebration over at the Lackawanna Terminal in Hoboken. Various politicians and other key individuals were on hand to commemorate the 100th birthday of a very important transportation hub.

The Mayor, Senator Kenny, and Arthur Imperatore were among the people who spoke.

Employees of Terminal had goodies to give out such as mugs, little care packages, and even mini cupcakes. Included was an interesting 8-page newspaper that covered many aspects of the terminal and it’s history. Too bad it’s not available to read online and it’s too big to scan in and create a PDF. Many of you might have enjoyed reading it.

Additionally, the Hoboken Historical Museum had a display set up with interesting pictures and facts.

Not sure why they picked 3pm to have this celebration, since it seemed there were less than 100 people present.

See more pictures and a few videos after the break.



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Excellent point dunotar. I heard from a reliable source that NJ Transit backed out of a big celebration (not sure if it was at the last minute) because they feared criticism on how they were spending money on a big party while at the same time asking for a fare increase. spoon’s point may be relevant also. I know that the Hoboken Historical Museum was only given a couple of days notice and their staff put together a really nice board with sketches and historical notes.

All this, of course, gave the Mayor and his cronies the spotlight and a lovely photo op. And yes, the cake was good.


Too bad the citizens of Hoboken, the NJ preservation community, railroad buffs and the many commuters who use the terminal were not included in this – It could have been a great event, not just a political photo-op. We are fortunate to have this in our city. It’s the last surviving ferry/rail terminal complex in the U.S. A centennial didn’t just sneak-up on NJ Transit. Does anyone know if there was any publicity for this at all? Perhaps Hoboken should sponsor something larger as part of the Arts & Music festival.


I read somewhere a couple of years ago that they were hoping to have the terminal fully restored by the 100 year anniversary. They aren’t even close to that realization which is probably why they kept this thing low key. 1/2 restored terminal when you said it was going to be fully resotred isn’t cause for celebration.


WOW. Mayor Robets must have been sooooooooo happy at this press puff piece.
just 100 of his flunkies kissing up and cake too.

If only they had a ribbon for him to cut. He LOVES ribbons.

Did this little publicity stunt make everyone feel like Dave and the crew are doing a great job?

Oh, I forgot Mr. Roberts had nothing to do with the restoration of the terminal that was NJT.

But, The cupcake looked good.



Dave R, Terry LaB, and Chrissy C had a Duffy’s Tavern Happy Hour Garden of Eden Fact-Finding Meeting
with a 5 p.m. Kick – Off

Al and Cataldo were joining them at 6 p.m. to discuss
parking 😈