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blocked - Hoboken411 Tech Tips - BlockingSo, City Hall has apparently begun blocking access to Hoboken411. I guess that’s another sign that you’ve “made it” in Hoboken. What about at your job? Are they cutting back on what you can and cannot see online? Not a problem!

From RSS readers, text messages, anonymous surfing sites, and others, there’s a way around almost anything! Don’t let anyone censor what you can and cannot see! It’s a free country, damnit!

Here are many different ways to keep you in the loop regarding the buzz in Hoboken. Don’t say I never offered any help!

Hey tech-gurus out there, anything else you can recommend?

RSS readers

hoboken 411 rss readers - Hoboken411 Tech Tips - BlockingOn the left side of the screen here, towards the bottom, you’ll see a few links for RSS readers. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and allows for the articles and comments to be “delivered” many different ways.

Those buttons are just suggestions, however, you can pick whatever “reader” sites you wish. I personally use Bloglines, but I’ve heard that Google Reader is really taking the lion’s share these days.

Hoboken411 uses Feedburner to manage it’s feeds. Regardless of which site you use, here are the links for for both the new articles and comments:



411 blocked animated - Hoboken411 Tech Tips - BlockingThis is a very interesting and powerful feature of Hoboken411. I’ve written a general description about this already on the site.


Basically, ZapTXT lets you pick what you want to see, and how it gets delivered. You can even have comments sent to your phone via text message! Also, comments or articles can be sent to you via email or even instant messenger. If you’re blocked at work, just sign up for these services from your home PC, and stay in touch all day!

I think this is a great service for business owners especially. You can sign up to monitor what people are saying about your store, bar or restaurant. Like having the “suggestion box” delivered right to your doorstep!

Email Subscription

I’ve never really publicized this feature, but it’s available. I was testing out FeedBlitz a few months ago, and it seems to work pretty well. There are two subscription options to choose from. Pick one or both, and once a day, a “summary” of all articles and/or comments made on Hoboken411 are delivered right to your inbox.

I’ve put a subscription sign up box for both articles and comments below. If you choose to use both, many times the comments and new articles are sent in the same email.

Sign up for Articles:

Enter your Email

Sign up for Comments:

Enter your Email

Anonymous Surfing

There are many sites out there that allow you to access restricted sites anonymously. Some work better than others. Often times, they can mess up the formatting of the site, making it unreadable.

However, I’ve recently tried “Mister Privacy“, and it seemed to keep the site’s formatting intact. Make sure you use the following settings when surfing:

misterprivacy - Hoboken411 Tech Tips - Blocking

There are other methods, such as using Google Translate (you translate from Spanish to English), but that doesn’t seem to work too well, and it messes up the formatting pretty badly.

Share with the other readers what types of technology you use to stay connected to the information you want!

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hot foot

Would they still be able to read Hoboken 411 over their networks through RSS readers like reader.google.com ?


Well, you’re only going to be blocked if you’re hitting the web through the city’s network. Most computers still have a spot for a modem to plug in – so you could hit you’re own web service via the city’s phone lines.

There are also enough ungarded wireless networks in town to keep us all surfing for free.

Basically, you only need to avoid the network.

And if you’re really clever, you can do the following from any DOS prompt:

Run the tracert http://www.yahoo.com command
Run the tracert http://www.hoboken411 command
Watch the IPs you hit on the way out to the internet and watch where you get stopped on the way to Hoboken411
Reconfigure your network preferences to try other the local proxies and try it again.
you may eventually find one that’s not routed correctly and get through.
It’s worth a shot.


That seems like a slippery slope for them. OK, so you ban 411 so employees won’t waste time reading the site. However, are any other sites blocked? Youtube, MySpace, etc.. And now that March Madness is coming, ESPN, cbssportsline, etc…are these blocked too???


I love this quote:

“We don’t think it’s appropriate for employees to spend taxpayer time reading the site,” said Campbell, adding that the prohibition came from Business Administrator Richard England.

Well, of course not! City workers would then have to listen and act upon the wishes of their constitutents. Perish the thought!


NICE. Keep it up 411!!!! Make ’em sweat! 😈