60 Second Review: Two Pitas in a Pod


Lunch Truck Season is Back!

…Two Pitas in a Pod: A Mediterranean Contender in Hoboken!

With Mamoun’s Falafel coming to Hoboken – plus the conversion to Mediterrean food over at Hoboken Cottage – one option that slipped my mind (sorry guys!) was the Two Pitas in a Pod lunch truck – which has been in operation much of this winter, while other trucks hunkered down.

Now that spring is around the corner – they’ll be ramping up their schedule in Hoboken – and I had a chance to do my first review this week.

Two Pitas in a Pod fresh across the board

  • The “Classic” Falafel sandwich ($5.50) is a knockout. One of the best tasting falafel balls in town. Packed with fresh ingredients – and weighs nearly a pound! Healthy and filling.
  • Frites are out of this world. You gotta try the “Pod Frites” ($3.50) which are twice-fried Yukon Gold potatoes – “tossed with garlic, parsley, lemon zest and feta.” 411 Tip: For best results – eat them on the spot.
  • Hummus had perfect consistency and flavor, and all the sauces and salads were well done and freshly made.
  • I tasted a few other things too… The Lemon Coriander Chicken was nice (locally raised in Wyckoff (when you can sneeze), NJ) – as well as the ground lamb and a daily special burger made from prime rib.

Inspect the simple – yet tasty – Two Pitas in a Pod Menu Here.

For one – I also hope they can eventually get a brick & mortar location like The Taco Truck. It’d serve them well if they can also expand their menu – and also avoid much of the headaches associated with being chased away in various spots in town (like Stevens Institute – where they used to do a brief Wednesday lunch – until big bad-boy Sodexco kicked them out.)

For now – they’re doing lunch downtown (Tues – Fri) – and dinner uptown (Tues – Thurs). And hope to incorporate weekends down by Pier A Park as the weather improves later in the Spring.

But one thing that’s fun about a roving lunch truck is – actually tracking them down! You can visit their website (www.twopitas.com) and follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well for updates.

The will be around on Saturday for the St. Patrick’s Parade – so be on the lookout for the green pita truck!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011 1:58 pm

Spot on with the falafel sandwich.

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