Hoboken Week in Review 2/25/2007

hoboke411-week-in-review-feb-25-2007-gif.gifThe Hoboken411 computer lab is hard at work here. Machines whirring, printers spewing paper, and the switchboard is lit up. Some light snow and ice is on the way here tonight, but the 411 weatherman is on vacation, so be happy no fruity maps will be on display this week.

What happened in the past week?

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News, items of importance:

  • Garden of Eden issues – Seems like when residents come together to share their complaints it results in quick, efficient and positive change.
  • St. Patty’s BoozeCalling 411 readers!: Bring your cameras and let’s photo-document any and all nutty things happening this weekend.
  • Reporter Roundup – Observations regarding our weekly news rag.

Town Government:

  • Council Action – The council meetings are getting much more interesting now as we creep closer to the May 8th Election. Read the recap and judge for yourself.
  • SW Redevelopment – Catch up on all the controversy in the southwest part of Hoboken.
  • Our police force – A reader chimes in with his observation regarding the men and women paid to protect us. Heated discussion ensues.


New or Coming Soon:

Doomed or closing soon:

  • Nothing officially made the doomed list this week.


  • Mama Mia – Great alternative to Hoboken Mexican places. Quick and free delivery too.
  • Cheap grub – Tested and digested at El Flamboyan.

Fun, Games and Miscellaneous stuff:

  • New Resident survival guide – 411 plans to put together a little quick reference guide for the newbies. Readers add many great ideas!
  • Beruit, pong, whatever – A reader wants to know where she can play this drinking game. I like what one reader wrote: “I like the game ‘drink the beer'”
  • Gossip – Read some of the wacky comments from the past week.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • 300 Adams St. – Fire damages an apartment, but was quickly put out by HFD.

Recent Town Incidents:

  • Incident Map – Accidents and beatings. Hoboken’s not so happy-hour.

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