Much better Oscars


Tasty Italian Chocolate from Lazzaroni

Here are two things that are 100% better than the ego-filled snooze-fest called The Oscars:

  1. Head over to Biancamano’s (1116 Washington St.) and pick up a pack of Oskar Chocolate-covered wafers from Lazzaroni. A light and fantastic sweet treat – sort of along the lines of what a Kit Kat tastes like – but better. Goes great with a nice cup of coffee!
  2. The Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar – who for one, chose NOT to watch that awards show – and two, denied having anything to do with the Oskar chocolates.

If you pick some of these up – say “Oscar sent me to get some Oskars!”

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I, too, did not watch the Oscars. However, I’ll have the dress that Mila Kunis wore last night, please. (It was plastered all over the news this morning.)

Those wafers sound delicious. I’ll have one of those as well :).