Mia’s Mexican Bistro

4/25/2007 Update:

Just our luck. A place that people actually enjoyed is now closed down.

I confirmed with the owner that she needed to redirect her time and energy to personal family matters. She wrote:

It was a hard choice, but my family takes priority. I thank you for all of your support.

Regardless, thanks for the good tastes Melissa, and good luck in the future!

Next mission for 411 readers: Let’s find another Mexican place that can be the new #1 favorite.

Part of the “Get out of Hoboken” series.

Seeing that there was so much recent discussion about finding a decent Mexican place to eat (including going out of town to places such as La Gloria De Mexico in Jersey City), we decided to try another different place in JC rather than visiting a place that had already been done by a reader.

See quick Saturday afternoon lunch review below!

Description: Mexican Restaurant
Services: Cheap Mexican food. Decent quality. Quick delivery to all of Hoboken.
Address: 514 Central Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07307
Phone: 201-659-9400
Menu: Click here to read PDF. (via DivShare)

mia exteriorcs - Mia's Mexican Bistro

See review below!

February 2007

Four of us went to this new restaurant located on Central Avenue, just a stones throw away from Hoboken. Easy parking all around the area. Since we had so many dishes, this will be a “quick summary” style review.

The owner Melissa was very kind and accommodating. The interior of the place was rather small, but warm and simple. Two fireplaces kept the place toasty in the cold weather. They do quite a bit of pick-up and delivery, especially to Hoboken.

mia interior 2cs - Mia's Mexican Bistro
mia interior 1cs - Mia's Mexican Bistro

While we perused the menu, we were brought the usual bowl of chips and salsa. I happen to have loved the salsa. Very garlicky and a perfect amount of cilantro. I always get frustrated with bowls that don’t allow nice dipping, so maybe she can get wider ones in the future. Everyone agreed the salsa was awesome.

mia chip salsacs - Mia's Mexican Bistro

As one of our appetizers, of course guacamole had to be tested. I found it to be good, fresh and subtle. Another reviewer agreed. The other two thought it may have been too stiff, and perhaps lacking flavor. But it’s made fresh, and tasted that way.

mia guacamolecs - Mia's Mexican Bistro

One person is having a love-affair with jalapeño poppers, so we went along for the ride. They weren’t too greasy, and hit the spot. I found them to taste like any other popper I’ve ever had, so while nothing extraordinary, you got what you expected.

mia popperscs - Mia's Mexican Bistro

OK, time for the entrees. I’ll sum it up as best as possible.

I for one, ordered the chicken chimichanga, because I’ve been a human junk-food vacuum cleaner for the past couple weeks since the drinking ban ended. They offer their chimichangas in two styles. The standard beans, cheese and pico de gallo, or with chipotle cream sauce, corn and mushrooms. I chose the latter. It certainly was a good diversion from your standard dish. You have to note that they pan-fry their chimichangas instead of deep-frying, because Melissa things over-frying will detract from the taste of the ingredients. I’d probably agree with her, it was quite tasty. If you’re in the mood for an oily log, then you may want to avoid it. The beans were a little tepid, but the rice was boiling hot. Good flavor from both. A great value at $6.50.

mia chimichangacs - Mia's Mexican Bistro

Next person ordered the Chicken Enchiladas. She said they weren’t what she was expecting, but still were ok. She eats like a squirrel so there was plenty to share. I thought the chicken had decent flavor, although I found the corn tortilla almost overwhelmingly “corny”. But still stick-to-the-ribs satisfying.

mia enchiladacs - Mia's Mexican Bistro

Another two items were the Milanesa de Res (breaded steak sandwich) and the Soup of the Day. I forget the name of the soup, but they have it every weekend. It was great! Something I’d order every time. Kinda spicy, with chicken and other stuff in it. I can’t even remember exactly. But tasted like a good watery-style soup should. You can add some hot-sauce to add kick. It also came with various sides and some taco thing that you can snap pieces off and dip in the soup. The dips were mild and hot.

Additionally, the steak sandwich, while pedestrian looking, also hit the spot. Wasn’t tough at all. Again, hard to explain. Fairly priced at $4.50.

mia soupcs - Mia's Mexican Bistro
mia steak sandwichcs - Mia's Mexican Bistro

Lastly, the steak tacos. Three Mexican style double soft-shelled servings filled with radish, onion, lime and cilantro. That reviewer also barely put a dent in it and took most home. She said it was flavorful as well.

mia steak tacocs - Mia's Mexican Bistro

They also offer Flan and cheesecake as desserts, but we were stuffed. As you can see from the menu, it’s a very economical place to eat. It’s nice to have another Mexican alternative that services the Hoboken area. It’d be nice to hear how the food is delivered. I know they’ve made many deliveries in Hoboken already, including the Upper Grand buildings uptown. Anyone experience this place yet?

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[quote comment=”23200″][quote comment=”23196″]what’s helmers?[/quote]

i don’t think they coupons lily or discount their meals.[/quote]

Okay, learn to speak English. Thanks.


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