Republican Speaker Series: March 1st


Republican Speaker Series at Madison Bar

Meet Christopher Whalen and John Fund…

Christopher Whalen frequently appears on such media as Bloomberg News, Kudlow Report/CNBC and Fox Business, and contributes to the Financial Times, Barron’s, and Wall Street Journal. He has appeared before the Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission to testify on a range of financial and other issues. Mr. Whalen recently appeared before the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel.

Christopher Whalen (who’s book Introduction was written by Nouriel Roubini) and Guest of Honor, Wall Street Journal Columnist John Fund.

Tuesday, March 1st – Welcome Reception: 6-7pm, Dinner: 7:00 PM. After dinner, a presentation by Christopher Whalen followed by book-signing.
Cost is $65, and includes hors d’oeuvres, three-course dinner, presentation book will be available for purchase & signing.
Inflated: How Money & Debt Built the American Dream will be available for purchase.

Reservations REQUIRED. Call (908)962-1281 to make them.

Madison is located at 14th and Washington Streets – with convenient parking lots located a block east and west.

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