Water Cooler – 2/21/2007

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What were people saying in the last week?

  • Garden of Eden issues
    You Know Thats Right says: “With your attitude, I hope you one day have to experience a nuisance that affects your sleep and property values so that maybe you’ll change your tune.”
  • Bemused by Hoboken budget
    honcho says: “Way To Go Helen…Right on Target Brilliant.”
  • Sky Club Fitness and Spa
    skippy says: “no hello, no thank you, no have a nice day. those young girls have attitude.”
  • Delete or not to delete?
    mcspacebar says: “If they dont want negative comments, then they should improve their service..”
  • Hoboken Real Estate: Every Recent Sale
    cracker says: “There is a little dancing man on the corner of my computer screen saying you can get a $300,000 loan for under $700.00! Damn that is a good deal, everyone should get these loans as quick as possible!”
  • Marma Day Spa
    MidnightRacer says: “Take some constructive criticism and improve your candor not only with first impressions, but also towards those who have paid money to experience your super ego.”
  • PATH train Teddy
    emarche says: “I got approached by a black guy who said, “Would you please consider making a contribution to the United Negro Pizza Fund? Because a slice is a wonderful thing to taste!” I still crack up about that.”

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